Best Ant Control in Alexander City, AL

Alexander city, Alabama, has a suitable climate for ants’ growth and thriving. In addition, you can access various top-rated pest control companies by contacting them online.

Best ant control in Alexander City, AL includes EnviroCare, J & J Pest away LLC, Top gun pest control, Security pest, and Robert Wedgeworth Pest control. 

These companies use various treatment solutions to kill ants. 

Ant Control in Alexander City Address Timing
EnviroCare 1785 Tallapoosa, St 8 am to 5 pm
J & J Pest away LLC Cedar Creek Ln 8 am to 5 pm
Top gun pest control 1891 US-280 8 am to 5 pm
TruGreen 801 Oliver CT, Montgomery, AL 8 am to 9 pm
Security pest Control 652 Cherokee Rd 9 am to 5 pm
Robert Wedgeworth Pest control 2303 Hillabee Rd 24 hours


It is a family-owned business that controls different species of ants in residential locations, lawns, and gardens. With outdoor and indoor facilities, it is a fast and responsive service. 

Since 1958, it has been facilitating to overcome types of bugs. With extraordinary commitment, the professional team carries out different techniques.

The staff uses approved commercial products. The pesticides are eco-friendly and do not affect human health. 

For customer satisfaction, the team members provide reliable performance. For example, with one visit, they can wipe out all the ant groups.

For further prevention, they guide the residents about the cleaning techniques. Due to business location, the team shows response quickly. 

The extermination of their different species is the standard agenda of this business. However, it provides cockroach, mosquito, and termite removal from indoor locations. 

The business remains open from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. On the weekend and Sunday, it does respond to emergency requests. 

However, it uses the standard pest-controlling charges of Alabama. So for two visits, it can charge around $152. 

It offers the lowest prices and affordable packages to increase dependability. 

J & J Pest away LLC

It has been offering pest-killing and removal services for more than 40 years. It provides professional and experienced staff performance due to proper training.

Moreover, it provides high-quality facilities and cleans the ant groups in one spray. It is an in-demand business due to its reliability and verified products.

For household bugs, it provides severe treatments in affordable packages. In addition, the expert team understands their species and categories. 

According to their species, the staff determines the method. With the highest integrity, they are famous ant exterminators in this area.

Business management does not involve long deals and agreements with clients. Instead, they can kill and remove spiders, fleas, cockroaches, and bees from households.

However, its service timing is around 8 am to 5 pm on the first five days of a week. It remains closed on Saturday and Sunday due to the business holidays. 

It is a reliable facility that can clean pests and do ant control in a single visit. However, you can call them for different treatments of bugs. 

For a two-visit package, the business can charge around $70 to $100. Moreover, due to the trustworthy services, the company extends the working hours according to the request of the nearest residents. 

Top gun pest control

Since 2006, the company has been removing the bugs and ants from households and commercial areas of Alexander city. For customized packages, you can contact them. 

The business offers high-quality facilities with variable pesticide programs. With the best technicians, the company provides a trained team.

These technicians have certificates to wipe and kill ant groups from different home corners. In addition, the technician can guide the residents about further bug control with proper knowledge.

The company responds quickly to requests and keeps families safe in the city. The team reaches the household according to the time of booking.

With different treatment methods, they kill their colonies in enclosed corners. Also, they can remove termites, cockroaches, and other bugs from the house.

Like many other companies in this city, this business provides services from Monday to Friday. The timing of opening and closing is around 8 am to 5 pm.

The off days of the business are Saturday and Sunday. You can pay the charges through MasterCard and use debit cards for online payments. 

For three visits, the company charges about $57 to $75. The charges vary according to residential area and type of ant species.


TruGreen offers a perimeter pest removal service that fights against the ants and their species. Before their entry into the houses, the control service kills and stops them. 

The trained workers use pesticides to kill spiders, earwigs, and mosquitoes. It is a blend of lawn care facilities and pest control services.

The company selects specific points to remove them. The team members find their colonies inside the doors and windows. They clean them from the first floors of the houses. 

Before their growth, the perimeter services kill them. The company offers reliable facilities with money-back guarantees. To overcome the fire ants, TruGreen costs you about $280 for two visits. 

However, the procedure costs start from $100 for a residential space of about 20000 square feet. The service remains available for all weekdays. 

You can approach them from Monday to Sunday. The working hours of this business are around 8 am to 9 pm.

Security pest Control

It is a recognized company in Alabama due to its reliable treatment methods for bugs and other insects. In addition, due to the policies, it has several technicians with proper training and knowledge about various bugs. 

Moreover, the certified technicians perform challenging treatment methods against bugs. The business is more reliable than many other companies due to several products and team members.

For personal client care, the staff is friendly. Also, the team members guide different people about the problems of bugs in their houses.

Due to this friendly service, several people call them. In addition, the business has more dependability due to verified sprays and certified techniques.

According to the extended list of services, the company offers the killing of ants and their removal from indoor and outdoor areas of a household.

The company offers free-of-cost examinations and inspections of different areas in a house that comprise ant. 

The team is extraordinarily professional due to their training and instructions. With excessive knowledge, the staff deals with different types of customers.

Moreover, they have flexible work timings, and you can contact them for emergency treatment programs. It is an in-demand and high-quality service center.

The staff remains equipped during the inspection and treatment procedures. Their standard service is against ant removal and control.

However, the staff can remove wasps, ticks, fleas, mice, hornets, water bugs, and rats from houses. After cleaning their colonies, the team applies different moisture control products to the affected areas. 

It can prevent their further growth and accumulation in these spots. However, the company does not facilitate the surrounding people on Saturday and Sunday because it remains closed.

According to their work policies, you can contact them from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. You can contact them through calls, and the team responds faster. 

They can reach your house through company vehicles and carry all the required equipment to destroy their groups and colonies. 

They can clean them from a residential space in a single visit. In addition, you can call them twice a month. So for three visits, the company can cost you nearly $417. 

Robert Wedgeworth Pest control

It is a pest-controlling service in Alexander city with the highest reliability. The customers have positive remarks about its work techniques and team behavior with the clients. 

It has been providing services to this city for more than 53 years with standard treatment methods against pests. Moreover, it gives the highest facilities than many other companies. 

Since 1970, the company has been working to overcome different species of pests in homes, offices, lawns, and other such locations. According to the diversity of the business, it is a family-owned company.

The family members operate their policies and manage the request. It offers high-quality services for customers. 

According to the work agenda, the business sends staff to different locations. The skilled technicians examine the household and clean the ant colonies with verified pesticides.

Also, it facilitates the removal of mosquitoes, mice, and bees from outdoor and indoor spaces. The staff can kill and destroy their groups in one hour with different spray techniques.

You can contact them for emergency treatment of bugs. For your calls, the team shows instant responses.

They can approach you in 30 minutes, and the time varies according to residential locations. Due to the different service charges, the business can cost you about $278 for two visits.

According to the reviews of several customers, the company provides ant control services 24 hours a day. However, the company closes for local holidays in Alabama. 

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