Best Ant Control in Columbus, OH

In Columbus, OH, pavement, carpenter, and pharaoh ant species are in groups. In addition, you can also find dark black and brown odorous ant species in this area. 

Best ant control in Columbus, OH, include Ohio Exterminating Company, Scherzinger Pest Control, Stryker Pest Control LLC, Plunkett’s Pest Control, Greenix Pest Control, Spartan Pest Solutions, Central Ohio Bug Extermination, Restoration pest management LLC, Reed’s Pest Control, Cook’s termite and Pest Control, and Bug Bakers of Columbus. 

Many bug removal businesses facilitate the homes and commercial areas to remove ant groups. They have high-tech equipment, licenses, and insurance for reliable performance.

Ant control in Columbus Address Time Cost
Ohio Exterminating Company 5220 Trabue Rd Suite A 8 am to 5 pm $564 (3 treatments)
Scherzinger Pest Control 1750 Idlewild Dr 24 hours $249 (3 months)
Stryker Pest Control LLC 3460 Westway Dr 9 am to 5 pm $400 (2 treatments)
Plunkett’s Pest Control 1001 Checkrein, Ave 6:30 am to 5:30 pm $900 to $1000 (2 treatments)
Greenix Pest Control 2230 N Wilson Rd 5:30 am to 7 pm $178 (2 treatments)
Spartan Pest Solutions 1154 E Whittier St 8:30 am to 6 pm $230 to $250 (2 treatments)
Central Ohio Bug Extermination 4663 Executive Dr # 7 24 hours $800 (2 treatments)
Restoration pest management LLC Mettler Toledo, 1900 Polaris Pkwy 9 am to 5 pm $450 (2 treatments)
Reed’s Pest Control 2596 Elliott Ave 8 am to 5 pm $825 (3 treatments)
Cook’s Termite and Pest Control 1014 E Hudson St 9 am to 5 pm $63 (six months)
Bug Bakers of Columbus 707 Harmon Plaza 7 am to 8 pm $1708 (2 treatments)

Ohio Exterminating Compan

A family established the company in 1936 to remove ant abundance from home kitchens and rooms. It is working with an experience of about 85 years in Ohio. 

It is a top priority for insect control due to trustworthy work. The certified team completes different Inspection and management tasks with cooperation and teamwork. 

It keeps the home, family, and environment safe from chemical effects. It is a three-generation business that grew with man-to-man dealing. 

More than 30 specialists prefer various treatments with adequate training and knowledge. Moreover, it works for commercial and home-based customers without differences in reliability.

It uses various safe and high-tech chemicals for removing and treating their types in different areas. In addition, the business offers convenient scheduling for meeting customer needs. 

It has the work timing from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and shuts off at midnight on weekends. Therefore, it is the best and leading business to overcome insects.

It has charges of about $564 for three schedules. 

Scherzinger Pest Control

It had founded in 1934, and its name remains attached to reliable and sustainable performance for ant species management.

It has fourth-generation ownership and kills its various categories through the versatile spray and powder sprinkling methods. 

They have distinct programs to remove ant groups without affecting the clients. In addition, the professional staff has communication skills to ensure customer comfort. 

It is a problem-solving business with customized methods against bugs. Moreover, the staff can effectively solve challenging problems. 

It can cost around $249 for a three-month schedule. However, its services are available 24/7, and representatives respond to queries and solve problems through online consultation. 

Stryker Pest Control LLC

A family owns and runs this business in Columbus. It uses various techniques against ant categories. 

The staff deals with each client separately and delivers the best and most satisfactory services. It has charges of about $400 for two continuous programs. 

The business runs from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. However, it is unavailable for the last two days of one week.

It delivers several programs for customer convenience. The techniques are unique and upgraded, which saves money and time consumption. 

It has versatile gold, platinum, and silver packages. The personnel keep the homes clean and safe with technological methods and reliable disinfectants. 

Plunkett’s Pest Control

It has been facilitating ant removal services for more than 100 years. It has sustainable performance due to a trained team.

It has family-based ownership, and the members handle the policies and schedules. The technicians use advanced technologies and safe insecticides.

The skillful team resolves challenging situations with mutual understanding. The business has a training and education program for employees.

However, the team members deliver the best facilities for customer benefit. They keep the air clean by utilizing safe products. 

The specialists educate the clients about prevention and management methods. These procedures are effective and eco-responsible. 

It can facilitate your business place or home with unique methods. Its high-standard services remain active from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Different techniques cost around $900 to $1000 for two schedules.

Greenix Pest Control

It is a well-known business that promises convenience and ant extermination. The professionals perform various treatments to protect homes and the environment. 

The workers use organic chemicals, versatile solutions, and premium liquids to remove insects permanently. It has a 5-step method for their permanent removal from different parts of the land. 

Its experts have licenses and certificates for their dependable performance. They can remove more than 45 types of insects and bugs from residential spaces.

They can wipe off spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and wasps. The expert team delivers unparalleled performance.

It facilitates satisfactory results and dependable performance. The business makes a long-lasting bond with temporary and permanent clients. 

The technicians inspect the residential lands and other areas for customized schedules. It works from 5:30 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Also, it charges about $178 for two treatment schedules. 

Spartan Pest Solutions

It is a privately owned company that facilitates several bug management services. The qualified and certified team removes ant categories for commercial and residential clients. 

It serves metro parts of Columbus due to expanded high-quality policies. Moreover, it has specialized treatment methods that fill customer demands.

It has monthly, one-time, and annual spray schedules. Their staff provides professional and convenient services. 

Its schedules are available online with a free consultation. Moreover, it works with trained personnel, specific technicians, and up-to-date qualified staff to solve various challenges. 

The exterminating team kills wasps, spiders, and rodents. It offers a 100% money return guarantee and satisfaction. 

The inspections are free for the interior and exterior of different areas. However, its two-time treatment programs cost about $230 to $250.

Call the company from 8:30 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. 

Central Ohio Bug Extermination

It has a mission to facilitate reliable, efficient, and effective ant-killing procedures in populated parts of Columbus.

The personnel uses safe ant control products with federal verification and approval. Also, these chemical sprays are non-toxic and provide the best results against insects.

It has an integrated bug management regulation that delivers high-quality results. It has annual services with the highest protection and reliability. 

Furthermore, it has pre-booking facilities through online consultation and a representative guide about the procedure. Its high-end services are available 24 hours each day of the week. 

The dependable staff removes bees, cockroaches, and bed bugs from home kitchens, rooms, and furniture. Its charges are higher than many other similar businesses.

It can cost you nearly $800 for two treatments. 

Restoration pest management LLC

It was founded in 2004 and has facilitated customer protection against ant species. Moreover, it can manage different bug types nationwide.

Technicians have certification for using high-quality products to protect the climate. In addition, they have expertise and knowledge for the optimized fight against insects.

However, the commercial and verified chemicals make the treatment schedules less challenging. Its employees offer a bug-free living space because of versatile management methods.

Various insecticides include the integrated management principle, which delivers environmental management. Its methods are approved and tested due to their reliability. 

It delivers services at a fair cost of $120 to $450 for two treatments. Also, it has committed and efficient actions for various customers.

The team responds on time according to the appointment. It has advanced management techniques with professional skills.

It works from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Reed’s Pest Control

It is a well-established business that deals with challenging bug problems. The professionals remove different ant categories from homes and their internal parts. 

It delivers high-end performance for commercial properties and renters. However, the business comprises family ownership with professionalism and experience. 

It has a staff of highly qualified people with teamwork skills and quick response expertise. Since 1971, Reeds has been managing and handling different insects. 

It comprises a reliable bond with thousands of clients for over 50 years. It has private, commercial, and rental customers.

The treatment charges from three consecutive programs are $825. However, the company works from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Cook’s Termite and Pest Control

They have well-trained and educated staff, which uses hazardous chemicals for ant control. The company delivers comprehensive education and training for the team. 

It has the highest rank and positive remarks in various magazines due to its reliable performance. Killing ant species is the standard performance of this company. 

Moreover, it has an award from National Torch, which has a top level in this business. 100% customer satisfaction, confidence, and credibility make it a dependable business nationwide. 

It started as a family-based business and thrived over the years. Professional builders and residents are customers of the company. 

The specialists help different lands and properties to make them insect free. Competitive costs for various deals and monthly packages are qualities of this business. 

The staff undergoes screening and education programs before fighting against insects. As a result, it has the lowest cost of about $63 for a six-month schedule. 

Saturday and Sundays are off days for the company, and it facilitates the highest facilities from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Bug Bakers of Columbus

It uses specialized heat techniques to kill ant colonies in different parts of houses, corridors, kitchens, and rooms. These methods are effective against many other bugs, wasps, cockroaches, and bed bugs. 

However, these ant exterminators deliver long-lasting results with the longest protection span. The specialists ensure one-year warranties of their performance with single or dual treatments.

The technicians use certified disinfectants to kill insects in hidden spots. One-day response and fast services are prominent features of the company. 

Its office hours are from 7 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday. The treatment procedures ensure customer relief but are expensive due to the 100% guarantee. 

Its charges range up to $1708 for two heat-based procedures. 

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