Best Ant Control in San Antonio, TX

The number of carpenter ants is more in San Antonio, and these are destructive. These cannot cause any harm to people but leave a detrimental effect, so it is necessary to control them.

Best ant control in San Antonio, TX are BUGCO pest control, Beeline pest control, Entomobiotics Inc, X-out pest service, Urban jungle, Aptive environmental, Prodigy pest solution, Stinger termite and pest control, Berrette pest control, Accurate pest control, Family pest control, and Bob Jenkins pest and lawn services. 

These types of ants can enter your wooden furniture and damage house foundations.

Ant Control in San Antonio Address Timings Charges
BUGCO pest control 606 W Rhapsody Dr 8 am to 5 pm $160-$165

For 2 visits

Beeline pest control 4704 Broom St 8 am to 6 pm $200 to $220

For 2 months

Entomobiotics, Inc Round rock, San Antonio 12 am to 12 pm $80 to $140

For two visits

X-out Pest service 8611 Honiley St 12 am to 12 pm $75-$80

For 2 weeks

Aptive Environmental 1049 E Nakoma Dr 7 am to 9 pm $280-$310

For 6 months

Pro defense pest control 12951 Huebner Road 9 am to 6 pm $60-$90

For 2 months

Bob Jenkis Pest and lawn services 338 Breesport St 7:30 am to 5 pm $150 to $160

3 times yearly

Family pest control 5720 Mobud St 8 am to 6 pm $130 to $200

Per year

Accurate pest control 4233 GateCrest 8 am to 5 pm $220 to $450

For 6 months

Berrette pest control 11116 watt Cir 8 am to 5 pm $200 to $220

For 2 visits

Stinger Termite and pest control 10806 Alpine shore 9 am to 7 pm $55 to $60

For 2 weeks

BUGCO pest control

The owner of the BUCGO ant control company is a veteran, and it also hires many veterans in its organization because they have more knowledge and skills about different procedures.

Its representative inspects the affected places and removes the sources where ants are coming, and sprays them with different chemicals for maintenance.

Getting rid of bugs from the residential and hidden industrial areas is necessary. Moreover, you can also contact them for the removal of cockroaches, termites, and bed bugs.

It uses high-quality pesticides according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to reduce the risk of any harmful situation.

These are costly but provide satisfactory services, and you have to pay $160-$165 for the procedure and extra trip charges.

It can come to your home from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm and on Saturday from 9 and to 2 pm. However, the company is closed on Sundays, and you cannot take any service on that day.

Beeline pest control

It uses safe and reliable methods for controlling ants and other bugs, which are also secure for your family members and pets.

It offers a wide range of extermination facilities for rats, scorpions, wasps, ants, and spiders. It prefers external treatments because they are safer than sprays and chemical treatments.

They eliminate the food sources that attract ants and other pests and install screens and fill cracks to resolve the problem.

Moreover, they also give follow-up visits to ensure the removal of bugs.

The two-month service charges are $200 to $220 without any hidden deductions. It is open from Monday to Saturday, but weekends have different timings.

Entomobiotics, Inc

It has a verified license for using different pesticide sprays to exterminate ants and other bugs. Using hand pumps to spray these chemicals is good because it can also access hidden areas.

You can call them whenever you want because services are available 24/7. The department of agriculture and structural pest control service controls it.

They use eco-friendly methods to control ants and also provide the facility for flying insect mitigation.

It uses the techniques, methods, and chemicals that are least toxic and gives quick and lost lasting effects.

These also serve nursing homes, restaurants, scientific laboratories, and dietary facilities.

It prefers to use integrated pest management and habitat modification techniques because these are the least toxic methods.

You have to pay them $80 to $140 for every two visits depending on their techniques for killing ants and other pests.

X-out Pest service

The primary mission of this company is to ensure a healthy life for people, which is only possible when the environment is free from pests and other insects.

This help remove the ants, scorpions, squirrels, and mice. You can call them anytime because their emergency pest control services are also available.

It uses customized treatments to target these bugs’ nest and feeding areas and ensure their complete removal. Moreover, it ensures the removal of allergens and diseases due to their nests and colonies.

The products used to do this procedure are safe for the environment and children, and their application methods are safe and secure.

The company also sends follow-up emails to customers to get information about issues and explain the measures to attain maximum results.

The charges for procedures are $75 to $80 for two weeks.

Aptive Environmental

It inspects every corner of your home and then provides a treatment plan. They follow the three steps to completely exterminate the ants.

First, it flushes them out from their harborages and then breaks their multiplication cycle, followed by preventive methods to inhibit their return.

The control services are available on Saturdays and Sundays with timings 7 am to 5 pm and 7 am to 3 pm respectively.

It was established in 2015 but is now the fastest-growing ant control company in the United States of America. Moreover, it also wins many awards because of its reliability.

It helps exterminate fire ants, odorous ants, deer mice, and roof rats. They use chrysanthemums in most of their products, which produce pyrethrin insecticide.

The four-season protection plan is cost-effective and reliable because representatives visit your residential or commercial area in all four seasons.

The charges for the quarterly plan are different and slightly higher because of their different requirements.

Stinger Termite and pest control

The services are only limited to your residential areas, and you can also book your appointments by contacting them on Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

The serviceman and experts are also trained to tackle emergencies, and the emergency services are available 24/7.

You can call them if you see ants and their colonies in any area of your home in San Antonio. Moreover, they will also help with the trapping of animals and the removal of dead ones.

The company uses the control sprays to remove colonies and the granulation technique in landscaping areas to control their multiplication.

Moreover, their services include inspecting ant species and designing the treatment accordingly.

Berrette pest control

Fire ants are commonly present in these areas, and you can identify them from their dusty appearance.

The business of these ant exterminator companies is from 8 am to 4 pm on Saturday, and they take off only on Sundays.

The staff is accommodating and quick, and they do their work in a limited time frame without wasting a minute.

Moreover, these are easy to approach, and you do not have to arrange a call or meeting for their appointment.

The appointment method is easy, drop a text, and they respond to your msg and schedule your timing hours.

The services are not limited to only fire ants; you can also call them to remove flies and spiders.

The average charges for removing pests and their colonies are about $200 to $220 with a free inspection.

Accurate pest control

It is a locally owned ant control company that has been serving the people and ensuring a clean environment since 1990.

The working hours and very flexible, and it is beneficial for people who have a hectic schedule and cannot make time for their home.

They use a combination of chemical and non-chemical procedures to control the pest and bugs from your homes and industrial areas.

Moreover, the trained serviceman also gives practice about personalized treatments and their safe use.

They use non-chemical techniques like filling gaps inside the walls and other areas where ants make colonies.

The use of baiting techniques to get rid of these unwanted species is a common practice that is better than non-repellent sprays.

Family pest control

It is a licensed company, and its service men are trained by Texas structural pest control service. In addition to ant extermination, these also have experts in horticulture and wildlife areas.

Almost all of their employees are certified entomologists and know about the unique and safe ways to get rid of ants.

It is a female-owned company with female staff for their customer’s ease and comfort. It has been serving the town since 1981 with its satisfactory and affordable services.

In addition, the company uses the blanket-like coverage technique and other sprays to remove red and carpenter ants.

Furthermore, it provides a warranty of 6 months after applying these techniques, and it will give free service if the issue comes within this period.

It costs about $130 to $200, depending on the number of treatments infestation requires.

Bob Jenkins Pest and lawn services

The company’s main concern is the safety of the environment and home, and they use less toxic and eco-friendly sprays and chemicals.

These can remove the ants and other bugs from your homes and properties. In addition, these have expert and well-trained exterminators to provide affordable, safe, and efficient services in San Antonio.

All of their products are EPA certified and used according to the instructions on the given label, and no serious risks are associated.

In addition, these use natural and botanical treatment methods, including granular and conventional liquids.

The serviceman is friendly, and you can discuss everything with them comfortably, and they also give you complete information before beginning the procedures.

For any procedures, you can approach them on Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm.

Pro Defense pest control

It was established in 2010 and has always trained its employees to ensure the best and most satisfactory customer service.

It is a locally owned company in San Antonio. In addition, the other facilities it gives include wildlife control and go green cleaning.

The residential-based services are costly because they do not use simple sprays to exterminate bugs from your homes.

It uses special techniques and ongoing methods for their complete removal. In addition, you can get rid of most bugs with this company’s external control methods, which are safe for your family.

Using granulation procedures and high-quality granules in lawns can remove the ants and their colonies from the nests.

In addition, it uses the power spray method, Eave sweeping, and attic inspection to create barriers for ants, scorpions, and earwigs.

Moreover, these also work on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

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