Can Ants Drink Coke?

We often see ants around a sugary spillage, sucking sweet liquid that shows the interest of these tiny creatures in drinking an energy-rich drink like coca cola.

Can Ants Drink Coke? Ants can drink Coke due to the presence of a high amount of sugar. It contains a cocktail of chemicals, making it an acidic liquid that can kill insects. However, they are not attracted to diet coke as it contains artificial sugars that do not appeal to ants.

Coke is a refreshing drink for insects as it can add enough sugar to their diet and makes them feel energetic for a long time.

Why do ants drink coke?

Ants prefer sweet liquids for nutrition as they are rich in sugars or carbohydrates, providing instant energy to these tiny creatures. This energy can be utilized to perform foraging activities.

Cokes are energy drinks rich in sugar and attract insects for nutrition. Almost 12 to 14 tablespoons of sugar are added to the 500ml bottle, making it extremely sweet.

It equals around 50 to 60 g of sucrose and contains 70 to 75mg of sodium to add a small quantity of salt to the drink for taste improvement.

You have to clean the spills immediately as fresh or even dried stains of this drink can attract insects in your kitchen or living room.

Moreover, these little creatures like to feed on spills as they find it easy to consume liquid food compared to solid food particles.

It is perfectly tuned with dominant flavors like vanilla or cinnamon in addition to the sweetness of sugar. Increased sugar allows the body to release dopamine and make people happy.

Furthermore, these insects also feel happy and satisfied when they drink coca-coke as it can help meet their body requirements and allows them to perform heavy-duty tasks without feeling exhausted.

What happens when ants drink coke?

Cokes can be refreshing drinks for insects looking for sugars and revives their body energy, but their acidic content is higher as it contains a mixture of sugars and chemicals.

Acids are essential ingredients for their preparation as they make it last long without producing a stinking odor over time. These help in the preservation of drinks and extend their expiration date.

These drinks are prepared by dissolving carbon dioxide and water together to produce high-pressure carbonic acid. Citric acid and phosphoric acid are added to the drinks.

Phosphoric acid improves the shelf-life of products as it controls the growth of mold and bacteria that can attack sugary liquids and spoil them before time.

In addition, citric acids enhance its flavor and give it a tart taste. So, these acidic ingredients can affect the health of ants as they find it difficult to digest.

The acidity level of their bodies increases to an undesirable level because these insects already contain formic acid, increasing toxicity.

This way, these insects risk death by consuming a higher quantity of coke for the sake of sugar but are unaware of the acidity as excessive sugars suppress the acidic taste.

Do ants get attracted to diet coke?

Diet cokes have different ingredients than regular ones, so ants’ preference for choosing it as a food source varies. They get attracted to sugar-rich foods providing carbohydrates.

These contain artificial sweeteners to reduce sugar intake because excessive consumption of sugars can lead to undesired weight gain and is associated with other health issues.

These add little or no unhealthy calories and are not nutritious due to the presence of sugar substitutes or contain a combination of sugar and other substitutes.

In addition, ants do not like artificial sweeteners as their antennae contain hundreds of receptors to differentiate chemicals, even if they have minor structural differences.

These contain acesulfame potassium and aspartame, which are not desired nutrient sources for insects as they need natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose to get energy.

Accordingly, artificial substitutes do not allure ants as they cannot extract enough energy from these compounds and find other food sources to meet their body requirements.

They have to consume an excessive amount of substance for desired energy, mainly when diet cokes contain a combination of natural and artificial sugars.

What type of ants get attracted to coke?

Almost all types of ants need carbohydrates to perform functions and ensure their survival, as they can die of exhaustion if they do not have enough nutrition to feed their cells.

However, their priorities change over time according to the colony’s size. For example, they prefer protein-rich food when the colony contains a large number of eggs and larvae.

These larvae need protein to build their muscles and internal organs, so foragers leave sugar-rich foods like coca-cola and find meat or dead insects.

In addition, you can see long trails of sugar-loving insects close to the spills as sugar is a significant part of their diet, but they also consume smaller proportions of salts.

Little black gardens and crazy ants move toward spills if they have detected an odor of sweet food. Similarly, pharaohs, odorous houses, and argentine ants also get attracted to them.

Furthermore, some species are more carnivorous and prefer to eat the meat of dead animals and insects than plant-based or other artificial products.

It also depends on exposure to food type as some species get salty food most of the time, so they do not leave any coke spills and drink it.

Will Coke kill ants?

There are different concepts about the killing effect of soda on insects, as many people believe that pouring a can of Coke on their mound holes can help get rid of them.

It makes some sense because its acidic nature makes it a potential insecticide that can cause an explosion of these tiny creatures and cause disruption of the digestive system.

In addition, this insecticide can also kill a few other pests, like slugs, as a cocktail of acidic chemicals can be harsh for their tiny and soft bodies.

You can practice it as a home remedy to deal with infestations indoors by pouring a bottle into a spray bottle and drowning them within it.

Additionally, you can pour a large bottle on their nests by locating the mound hole as they can die by drowning these insects as they find no way to come out of it for many hours.

Targeting a nest while using coke as an insect-killing liquid can help you in the long term as it leads to removing the whole colony and clearing the home.

So, you can benefit from its insecticidal properties to get rid of mild infestations only. It is better to call exterminators or use chemical sprays to wipe out their population for heavy infestations.

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