Does WD-40 Kill Ants?

Many people use WD-40 to get rid of insects like spiders and ants from their homes. It works within seconds, and it will also prevent the entry of insects.

Does WD-40 Kill Ants? WD-40 can kill ants because it is a good insecticide that can drown insects and kill them immediately within 60 to 90 seconds. Moreover, it is a viscous liquid with a strong smell that is unpleasant for these tiny insects. You have to follow an ant trail to spray the marching insects and drown the whole colony by spraying inside the mound. Furthermore, its residues will remain on the surface for a few days, making it a good deterrent.

Moreover, it is good to use as an insecticide, reduces splintering in the wood, and makes surfaces free of moisture to increase their lifespan.

Why does WD-40 kill ants?

WD-40 is an effective lubricating spray that can remove stains of rust and scratches from metal surfaces to make them smooth and glossy.

It is known for its insecticidal effect on the bugs commonly present inside the house, like roaches, ants, spiders, carpenter bees, and many others.

Moreover, it is a heavy liquid that can restrict the movement of insects by covering their bodies. It can lead to ants drowning because it is a lubricant or oily liquid that can dissolve their bodies.

These insects maintain a floating position on the water by releasing chemical secretions that can protect them from drowning deep in water.

It contains toxic chemicals like methylated spirit, sufficient to get rid of the nuisance pests living inside wall cracks or pavement holes.

WD-40 penetrates deep into insects’ skin and displaces moisture making their bodies devoid of water. It suddenly happens when they get no time to respond for their survival.

This degreaser has a strong odor and smells sweet and minty, having a tinge of orange peel. Ants hate the mint and orange smell and run away when their receptors detect these odors.

This spraying solution does not give time for running and saving lives when sprayed directly on their bodies. However, its smell can prevent other insects from coming at the same point.

How do you use WD-40 to kill ants?

It is easy to use WD-40 to get rid of ants because the toxic solution is packed inside a spray bottle that needs to be pressed to expel the chemicals.

You can start the procedure by locating their nest inside and outdoor areas to deal with the whole colony at once, leaving no chance for re-attack.

Most commonly, ant hills are located in the backyard within plant pots or near the roots and narrow spaces like cracks in the walls and wooden furniture.

They can build underground nests by getting inside through areas joining walls and ground. The presence of tiny holes in these areas indicates that these creatures are living inside, most probably.

It is better to find the starting and end points of the trails before proceeding. Then, start spraying from one end of the trail and follow it till you reach their nest.

Spray a large amount of degreasing solution within the entry point of the nest to drown the insects living inside the deep chambers.

Keep spraying until you think that the whole nest is drowned, and spray it in the form of a circle around their mound to avoid an escape if some insects are crawling outside.

How long does WD-40 take to kill ants?

The average time required for killing insects after spraying WD-40 varies for each species. This is because some have a harder exoskeleton that can keep the solution out of their bodies for some time.

However, a few insects, like leafcutter ants, have hard shells, but these are not too thick to act as a barrier for the solution for more than a minute.

The species of ants do not matter in determining their killing potential, as they all die ultimately after a few seconds.

Many people prefer to use this product to get rid of insects due to the quick killing effect. It can enter deep into their tissues and drown them in a few seconds.

You can kill them immediately by spraying the solution directly on the tiny bodies of the pharaoh and little black ants when crawling on the ground or the wall.

However, it takes almost 60 to 90 seconds at maximum to deal with stubborn species, like leafcutters and velvet ants.

They have thousands of sharp plate-like crystals on their skeleton and avoid quick absorption or dissolution in this lubricating solution.

Therefore, it takes almost 10 to 20 seconds to kill insects like carpenter ants and sugar ants, but those having harder exoskeletons take less than 90 seconds to die.

Will WD-40 deter ants?

WD-40 is an effective killer and deterrent for ants because of its heavy and dense texture. In addition, it is commonly used as lubricating oil to reduce friction between surfaces.

Moreover, it is usually wiped out after application because its residues remain on the hard surface. It can deter insects after many hours of application due to remaining residues.

Almost 20% to 25% of the chemicals do not evaporate after application, while the remaining evaporate into the air. Therefore, this small amount of insecticidal solution can help deter these insects.

Its odor gets detected by the olfactory receptors of roaming insects and keeps them away from the area. The presence of dead insects cannot entice them until the residues are left on the ground.

In addition, its ingredients stick with the ground for a few hours to even weeks. Accordingly, you can spray it in areas where ants are coming to get food because it can repel them.

It is safe to use in indoor areas like the kitchen, laundry, and bathrooms. You can apply a thin layer of degreaser on the doors, cabinets, countertops, and areas around the sinks.

However, it is not considered suitable to use on the hinges of doors and locks. It can keep your house free of pests, in addition to ceramic floors that are prone to rust and grease stains.

So, you can use it as a deterrent to keep insects away for a few days or weeks, which means you have to respray it to revive its repelling scent.

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