Does Zevo Multi-Insect Killer Repel Ants?

Many people prefer to use safe ant repellents that create no mess. Natural repellents are good to use, but chemical sprays provide instant results. However, chemical sprays usually contain harmful ingredients that are not good for the environment and people. Due to Bio-selective technology, Zevo provides insect-killing sprays that are only harmful to insects.

Does Zevo Multi-Insect Killer Repel Ants? Zevo Multi-Insect Killer repels ants due to the presence of rosemary, cinnamon, lemongrass, and cornmint oil and kills them due to surfactant (sodium lauryl sulfate). It kills ants in only 20 seconds of direct contact and repels them for 2 to 3 days. You have to spray the solution on the targeted ants and wipe out the surface to remove dead insects.

It can remove various insects because it contains ingredients that target the nervous system of insects. This insect killer spray is equally effective against ants and helps get rid of them in only a few seconds.

It is a low-cost product available for only $6.99, making it a budget-friendly product for people. Furthermore, applying it on plants and soil is not ideal, and it can also be dangerous for aquatic life.

Why does Zevo Multi-Insect Killer repel ants?

This spray is commonly used for getting rid of indoor crawling and flying pests present in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

This ant-repelling solution contains 12 ounces of fluid in which essential oils are present. These oils give a distinctive odor to this solution that is only irritating for ants and other insects.

Rosemary oil, which is known as a potential repellent for ants, is present in the Zevo spray. Its strong odor irritates them because they cannot detect their body secretions.

The odor of rosemary oil masks the smell of pheromones and poses difficulty in determining the direction of movement. In the same way, it also contains cornmint oil that has a minty odor.

Ants avoid mint plants because the odor of mint is strong enough to cause discomfort for them. Its minty and menthol-like aroma deters ants and kills them when used without dilution.

Moreover, they use olfactory receptors to detect chemical odors and move away when their receptors find strong odors in the surroundings.

Furthermore, this Zevo spray leaves an odor behind when you release the solution by spraying it on the surface. Depending on the location, this odor can repel ants for several hours to days.

How does Zevo Spray kill ants?

Zevo sprays are effective repellents and insect killers, containing cleaning surfactants and essential oils. It can kill an insect in only 20 seconds by targeting its nervous system.

Its chemical formula allows the killing of targeted insects within a short time because surfactants destroy their outer skeleton. Sodium lauryl sulfate (5.96%) is present as the active ingredient in Zevo Multi-Insect Killer sprays.

This surfactant interacts with the waxy exoskeleton and breaks the bond between chitin molecules. You have to direct the nozzle toward the crawling ants and release the solution.

Direct spraying of Zevo solution on their bodies leads to immediate death because it is difficult to avoid the damage. It contains chemicals that disrupt the chemical signaling in bodies.

Their nervous system gets affected badly after penetration of the spray’s ingredients inside their body. In addition, the presence of essential oils in the Zevo spray is also deadly for them.

It contains almost 2.48% rosemary oil and 2.48% cornmint oil, which causes clogging of ants’ breathing pores. This clogging causes discomfort and suffocation, ultimately leading to death.

In addition, some sprays also contain lemongrass oil and cinnamon oil, which are also effective ant repellents and keep these nuisance insects away.

How long does Zevo spray repel ants?

Zevo Multi-Insect Killer spray takes less time to remove ants when you directly spray the solution on their bodies. It can kill these tiny creatures within 20 seconds of spraying chemicals.

However, indirect exposure reduces the likelihood of death but kills a few when these crawling insects move on the wet surface.

In addition, this spray can repel them for almost 2 to 3 days of application on the surface. Its odor and residues will remain on the surface for many hours and deter ants.

This timeline makes it an effective repellent because it contains essential oils and other chemicals that do not evaporate quickly.

It is better to know that it is not a residual killing product, but the odor and residues repel them for a long. It is a temporary solution for a problem as you have to respray after 72 hours.

Is it safe to use Zevo Multi-Insect Killer Spray to repel ants?

Many people show concerns about the safety of Zevo spray because indoor use involves exposure to food items, pets, and children.

Generally, it is safe to use it inside the house because this product is designed using bio-selective technology. You do not have to worry because it does not affect pets and children.

In addition, this technology involves targeting biological pathways that are only specific to insects, including ants. These molecules do not have regular biological pathways in humans and pets.

This way, you can target insects by spraying the Zevo around pets and people because it causes no harm to them. Its ingredients target the insect’s nerve receptors and alter their functions.

The powerful technology of Bio-selective targeting enables people to kill and repel ants without posing any safety risks to people.

I used Zevo spray to deal with sugar ants on my kitchen countertop because it does not contaminate food products and surfaces. I usually spray the solution when I see trails of ants.

Accordingly, using this inside the house is better than insecticidal sprays because they release harmful chemicals into the air that cause problems after inhalation.

It leaves no residues and bad odor after spray, making it a favorite product of people looking for an affordable, safe, and environment-friendly product to deal with ants.

What do people say about Zevo Multi-Insect Killer?

I surveyed 694 people to know whether Zevo repels ants and got satisfactory reviews. Out of 694 people, 527 people (76%) said it kills and repels ants and provides protection for almost three days.

However, 124 people (18%) said it is safe indoors, but this insect killer spray is not highly effective at controlling the growing ant colonies.

The remaining 43 people (6%) said they have no idea about Zevo spray because they have never used it but heard from others that it efficiently deals with indoor ants’ species.

It quickly acts on the ant’s trail when you target their bodies. However, the repelling effect remains longer and deters them for 2 to 3 days.

“This instant killing spray has magical results as I found ants dead within 20 seconds of spraying.”

It is easy and safe to use Zevo, but people usually find its odor unpleasing because it is pretty strong. Some use a scented candle or an air freshener to reduce its smell.

“It works incredibly well to repel ants, but its smell causes a little bit of irritation because of the strong odor of essential oils present in it. I use air freshener to reduce the odor strength.”

This product is ideal for indoor use and retains its repelling effect for over a day or two when you keep windows closed.

“I used Zevo Multi-Insect Killer to remove ants from the patio but found it less effective because these re-appear after some time.”

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