How Many Ants Can Lift A Car?

Many people think ants cannot lift heavy objects like cars or trucks due to their smaller bodies, but their small size offers an advantage as a lesser force of gravity applies to their bodies.

How Many Ants Can Lift A Car? According to our research, almost 7,256,478 ants can lift a car with an average weight of 4000 pounds when the weight of each ant is around 5mg, which can carry 0.25g weight. The Allegheny mound or American field ants can lift 5000 times their body weight, so their total number reduces. However, the number of ants depends on the car model, size, tires, engine type, or passengers in a vehicle.

No one expects ants to raise a vehicle from the ground as it is not their task, and they always remain busy eating.

However, it is not a difficult task for these insects to do as they have enough strength to do it because they can carry heavy leaves and roll down stones to make their way.

Is it possible for ants to lift a car?

Ants are pretty strong creatures, as they have more potential to lift heavy weights than humans. They can carry at least 10 times of body weight, while other species can carry 50 times.

It indicates that these tiny creatures can pick a car with collective efforts when each insect has the potential to carry almost 10 to 50 times the body weight.

Moreover, it is only based on assumption because they are not smart enough to plan and steal a car from the parking area. They show coordination only for food or shelter for their efforts.

It means they only work in groups for the colony’s survival, but it is possible that these insects can carry a car on their bigger heads or sturdy backs by supporting each other.

Furthermore, millions of ants can raise the car from the ground because it is impossible for a small group of insects to deal with such a heavy load.

How many ants can lift a car?

The number of ants required to lift a car depends on the model and size of the vehicle, as you can find compact, midsize, and large cars or SUVs in the market with varying weights.

On average, a car weighs around 4000 pounds or 1814kg, while it can increase or decrease in other models with different features. The average weight of ants is around 5mg or 0.005g.

It is essential to consider their weight-carrying abilities while calculating the total number required to carry the load on their bodies, as each insect can carry 50 times the body weight.

Accordingly, almost 7,256,478 ants can lift a vehicle with an average of 4000 pounds when each insect can deal with an object of 0.25g weight.

In addition, the curb weight of a compact car is around 3000 pounds or 1,360,777g on average. So, almost 5,443,108 ants can lift a compact car when each individual insect weighs 0.005g.

You can also find the number of ants for a midsize and a large car by determining the vehicle’s average weight and dividing it by an insect’s weight.

A midsize car weighs around 3400 pounds, while the curb weight of a large one is approximately 3800 pounds. So, almost 6,168,856 and 6,894,604 ants can collectively lift a midsize or large car.

Moreover, the average weight of a Toyota Corolla with a 2-liter and 1.6-liter engine is around 1250 kg, which means 5,000,000 ants are required to raise it when each insect weighs 5mg.

Almost 4,480,000 ants can carry Honda City as its curb weight is around 1120kg. The curb weight of the Ford F150 is about 4,000 to 6,000 pounds, according to its engine in different models.

According to an estimation, around 9,071,847 ants can lift a Ford F150 with 5,000 pounds of weight. So, you can estimate their number according to the model and design of the vehicle.

What factors affect the number of ants required to carry a car?

Different factors affect the number of ants required to carry a car from the ground, including their species. Every species has different weight-carrying abilities, so their number also varies.

Many smaller black garden ants will be required to carry a vehicle compared to big-headed and mound ants with efficient weight-carrying abilities.

In addition, every vehicle contains an engine of different types as smaller cars can have engines weighing around 300 to 500 pounds, while larger vehicles contain 600 to 700 pounds engines.

Moreover, small passenger cars usually have 13-inch tires that weigh 14 to 16 pounds, while SUV has 20-inch tires weighing around 20 to 22 pounds.

Accordingly, the engine’s weight and tire size alter the vehicle’s overall weight, which directly changes the number of ants required for carrying the particular car.

The vehicle’s weight automatically increases when passengers sit on the seats because every individual weight adds to the car’s overall weight.

Additionally, cargo or a few packaged boxes can be on the back seats or trunk, which means the total number of insects required to raise the vehicle from the ground increases.

Its size and model also alter the total curb weight as a large-size car weighing between 3800 to 4000 pounds needs more ants for lifting than a compact car weighing almost 2500 to 3000 pounds.

In the same way, SUVs are heavier than cars, so a large number of ants can efficiently carry an SUV on their backs, which weighs almost 4500 to 6000 pounds.

The design and model of the vehicle also matter because you can find various cars by Toyota manufacturers having different engines and suspension systems.

So, all of these factors can bring noticeable changes in the total number of ants that can take a car on their heads or back by coordinating with each other.

What type of ants can lift a car?

Ants are tiny insects with muscular bodies and powerful teeth that can help carry heavy objects by fixing them within mandibles.

However, cars have high weight compared to their tiny bodies, so it is not possible for every species to deal with such heavy mass even if they coordinate.

It is true that these insects can carry around 10 times their body weight at a minimum, but it requires several millions of insects to lift a vehicle.

A few species can carry up to 50 times their body weight, which is considered suitable to carry a vehicle. It means they can carry around 0.25g weight if their body weight is around 5mg or 0.005g.

In addition, many people do not know about a particular species of ants that can carry around 5,000 times their body weight. Allegheny mound or American field ants can efficiently lift 5000 times their body weight.

They have strong necks and tolerate high-weight pressure without getting crushed under it. So, it indicates that it can take almost 25g of weight on its body.

Accordingly, almost 72,575 mound ants can lift a vehicle with an average weight of 4000 pounds. Leafcutter ants can also pick smaller vehicles efficiently, as they can carry 50 times the body weight.

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