What If Humans Were The Size of Ants?

You can understand the difference between ants and humans in addition to their complex relationship or size. Ants are tiny insects compared to humans.

What If Humans Were The Size of Ants? If humans were the size of ants, it would be easier to access narrow places like cracks in the wall. They would need small spaces and food to live and crawl fast, but they have to take extra steps. Their weight-lifting abilities would increase or reduces the risk of death after falling.

Ants are many times smaller than humans as their bodies can extend up to 0.2 to 0.3 inches on average, while the human body can reach 66 to 68 inches in length.

This way, they are a thousand times bigger than insects and live a different lifestyle that can change or become similar to them if their body size shrinks and reaches only a few millimeters.

Easier access to places

Humans have bigger bodies and need larger space to move inside the house. They have to open the doors to enter rooms, while ants can crawl from space under the doors.

These insects are only a few millimeters long and pass through narrow spaces or holes in windows and doors. Accordingly, they can reach a desired place easily, like a kitchen or bathroom.

However, humans have to unlock the doors as these are barriers to their entry. So, you have to face lesser issues in getting access to places if you were the size of an ant.

Small spaces for living 

Ants live in large colonies as these social insects can live together in a small space by creating small chambers within the soil.

Humans need big buildings and spacious rooms to live as they cannot live inside tiny chambers like insects. Accordingly, you will occupy less space on the ground if the body size is 3 to 5 mm.

Moreover, there will be no need to construct larger buildings because you can survive within a small mound or a house based on multiple chambers.

This way, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people can accommodate in a space where only 2 to 4 people live because smaller organisms can adjust together easily.

Need a small amount of food

Our body need more food than smaller creatures as they consist of millions of body cells that require more energy to perform activities.

Accordingly, they need more food to provide nutrients to cells, while ants have fewer cells and muscular bodies requiring smaller amounts of energy and consume lesser food.

They keep eating all day, but the proportion of food is lesser, so you do not have to consume more food if you become equal in size to these tiny creatures.

Moreover, the size of the stomach will decrease after a reduction in body size, which means the capacity of the stomach to process and hold food particles will get reduced automatically.

Quick walks or movements

Ants can crawl faster than humans as they can cover distances more than 100 times their body length in only one second, while humans can cover a distance of almost 3 to 4 times their length.

It means these insects can run faster than larger organisms because their smaller bodies have a lesser force of gravity which pulls the body toward the ground.

These tiny insects can cover a distance of 25 to 28 miles in an hour, while humans can move 35 to 40 miles per hour, which means the latter ones take less time to cover a mile.

They have lower body mass and move quickly, so you can also move fast with a decreased body mass, but it will take longer to cover the distance.

Increased resistance against falls

Ants have no risk of death after falling from a height because they have muscular bodies and smaller surface areas. In addition, their bodies do not reach the ground quickly due to increased resistance.

In contrast, people can die after falling from a tall building due to high impact as their bodies have lesser air resistance. In addition, the bones can break after falling on the ground, resulting in death.

Accordingly, we have a lesser risk of death when our body size is small because we can swing in the air for some time and touch the ground with a lower impact.

They can survive after falling from bigger buildings if their body weight changes from 100 pounds to a few milligrams.

More chances of death

Smaller creatures are more prone to death as they can get crushed by larger living organisms. In the same way, they cannot fight efficiently with predators like those with bigger bodies.

Ants have smaller teeth, stingers, or pinchers to fight off predators a few millimeters bigger than them, but it is not possible for them to kill a larger organism using mandibles.

Insects or little creatures have to suffer from multiple challenges in their life to ensure survival. As a result, they have developed strategies according to their body length but are not efficient killers.

Accordingly, you will be at significant risk of death if your body size becomes equal to that of ants because they can crush or kill you.

Lesser requirement for oxygen

Higher organisms possess lungs for breathing and need more oxygen as they breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide by expelling the air from the mouth.

However, insects have smaller bodies and hold simpler organs due to the lesser space for complex organs. As a result, the size of organs and complexity of structure reduce within tiny bodies.

You will need less oxygen for breathing due to the absence of lungs or a smaller size. Ants have a proper mechanism of holding oxygen in tracheal tubules and close spiracles to keep it inside.

There will be a lesser number of cells that need to be bathed in oxygen. So, you can rely on the stored oxygen for at least a day if your body size and mechanism become similar to them.

Improvement in weight-carrying abilities

The ability to carry weight will increase to a great extent when you become equal to an ant in size, as smaller or lighter bodies have a lesser force of attraction.

Ants can carry objects almost 50 times their body weight because they have lesser body mass and distribute it evenly on their bodies.

However, humans can carry a weight that is only 2 to 3 times their body weight and is supposed to lift a heavy truck if their lifting abilities are equal to these insects.

So, it means the power of lifting objects increases when an organism’s size gets reduced, and humans’ weight-lifting capabilities will increase if their body size is smaller.

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