Best Ant Control in Boston, MA

Several ant control businesses are operating in Boston, Massachusetts. Carpenter, Pavement, and odorous Ants are present in this city.

Best ant control in Boston, MA include Ultra Safe Pest Management, Johnny B’s Pest Control, Green Planet Pest Control, Inc., Ecologic Entomology, Catseye Pest Control, Mass integrity Home & Pest inspection LLC, Boris Pest Control, AAA Exterminating Company, Sniff K9s, Lawn Doctor of Boston, and Page Exterminating Services.

A few people are allergic to bites of pavement Ants. Their quick removal is necessary because they irritate and frighten the children.

Ant Control in Boston Address Timings
Ultra Safe Pest Management 75 Arlington Street 24 hours
Johnny B’s Pest Control 309 Old Colony Ave 7 am to 7 pm
Green Planet Pest Control, Inc. 267 N Beacon 8 am to 5 pm
Ecologic Entomology 56 Wareham Suite 8 am to 5 pm
Catseye Pest Control 470 Atlantic Ave 7 am to 6 pm
Mass integrity Home & Pest Inspection LLC 55 Glenwood Ave 9 am to 7 pm
Boris Pest Control 222 E St, Boston 9 am to 5 pm
AAA Exterminating Company 1476 River St 8:30 am to 4 pm
Sniff K9s 71 Commercial Street 7 am to 8 pm
Lawn Doctor of Boston 25 Channel Center, St 9 am to 5 pm
Page Exterminating Services 30 A Maverick Boston 8:30 am to 5 pm

Ultra Safe Pest Management

The business operates 24 hours and removes various species of ants from residential spaces and commercial buildings. The entity has been working with a 5-star ranking over the years. 

Its exterminating procedures are effective and long-lasting. The team, workers, supervisors, and managers are skilled with adequate training to get rid of ants from your place. Experts are friendly and cooperative to make the procedure comfortable. 

Technicians explain the procedures to the clients and answer their queries with polite speech. Moreover, its owner monitors the procedures through guidance and instructions.

The owners take part in methods to ensure public safety. Environmental protection and staff training are significant agendas of this ant control business.

The committed team offers discounted services during seasonal bug attacks. Its charges for insect management are according to the national costs of these procedures.

The team delivers the services for $176 to $752 for two plans. The cost increases or reduces according to the problem and condition of the affected place. 

Johnny B’s Pest Control

It has been a staple for removing ant colonies from homes, work units, factories, and shops for the last 30 years. Moreover, its infestation schedules are available from 7 am to 7 pm for five days per week. 

It opens at 8 am on Saturdays and 9 am on Sundays. Its closing time is 4 pm on these days according to the instructions.

The local family runs this entity with the highest standards, protected products, and up-to-date methods. The company has licenses and insurance to cope with situations.

Its employees can remove roaches, mice, rats, and bugs for three decades. It comprises more than four technicians who have sufficient knowledge and expertise.

The services are available for the metro and non-commercial locations of the city. Its three-month bug management deals cost about $447. 

Green Planet Pest Control, Inc.

It facilitates ecologically safe and responsible ant species removal. Its experts protect the client’s health with non-toxic products.

It has professional specialists who have a specific approach. Integrated schedules are safe and help in insect removal. It is a local company in Boston and comprises certified and exceptionally talented entomologists. 

Green Planet has been working with a license over the years. The workers get rid of different bug categories with unique techniques. 

The staff is trustworthy and knowledgeable in tackling challenging circumstances. Book an appointment at this business between 8 am to 5 pm.

Moreover, the timing varies from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. The estimated charges for its two treatment methods against insects are $58 to $98.

The professionals are 100% dedicated and committed to business policies. However, modified work plans are available for diverse clients.

Ecologic Entomology

It offers a professional testimony for Ant’s extermination. Qualified experts follow these instructions and manage the insects in challenging spaces. 

The work plan, reservations, and schedules are available from 8 am to 5 pm. The business started in 1981, and the professionals removed colonies of different bees and bugs. 

The methods are ecologically conscious and provide durable functions. The enterprise has been pursuing innovative management methods and strict policies. 

The services are intrusive, protected, and verified by relevant authorities. It has no hidden prices and adheres to the traditional work agenda. 

The managers have high moral values, dignity, and faith. The business runs with ethical conduct and integrity. 

It is a certified company with several values and advanced methods. Managers have leadership skills for inspecting, evaluating, and managing insect-related issues.

They have additional concerns for the safety of old individuals and children. Its problem-solving, responsive, courteous staff can cost $300 for two strategic treatments.

Catseye Pest Control

It is famous for the quality facilities of ant removal from challenging areas of gardens, homes, and yards. The customers can get a list of services according to the issues.

Services are incomparable because they are eco-responsible and less time-consuming. It is a leading and elite setup and has facilitated hundreds of customers for the past 25 years.

Catseye commits to managing bugs and insects. The professional team has a working span from 7 am to 6 pm. 

Its priority is to meet the needs of various customers in one day. Responsive managers are soft-spoken and deliver comfortable conversations.

Its online account has all the information about the deals and their costs. The workers assist the new clients in scheduling and explain their queries.

Inspections are free, and the specialists check the areas from the outer and internal sections. Its two-month schedule has an estimated price of $160. 

Mass integrity Home & Pest Inspection LLC

It is a locally based company in Boston with a committed team and dignified managers. However, the inspections do have charges according to the policies of the owners. 

It is a facility to exterminate pavement ants in this city and nearby areas. Book an appointment through an online account and ask different questions. 

The insect management programs assure satisfaction and peace. It has advanced technologies, variable strategies, and customized plans. 

The ant exterminators have excessive knowledge and education about various procedures. However, the facilities are available from 9 am to 7 pm, 6 to 7 days per week. 

The business goal is the family’s protection from bug allergies, sudden insect attacks, and painful diseases. The specialists are highly concerned about the protection of children in the affected buildings. 

It has biologically controlled methods to kill insects and provides customer relief. However, highly-trained managers can take $350 for two visits. 

Boris Pest Control

Schedule an appointment for Ant exterminating at Boris and customer care. Dependable methods, long-lasting results, and permanent insect removal are significant facilities. 

Unlike other centers, it remains closed on Thursdays and Sundays. The reservation time ranges from 9 am to 5 pm, and the center closes at 2 pm on Saturdays. 

The monthly and bi-month packages are available with versatile and low price spectrum. However, the business has two monthly deals for about $86. 

The team arrives before 11 am and checks the building through advanced equipment. Three-month warranty programs are appealing with permanent insect removal from various residences. 

Its services are efficient, responsible, and effective, and the team is easygoing. 

AAA Exterminating Company

Book a reservation at AAA Exterminating for removing ant colonies within hours. However, the booking time is from 8:30 am to 4 pm on seven days per week. 

It is a family-owned, licensed business with certified experts and trained technicians. The honest and dedicated team has built a strong relationship with the customers. 

The clients can directly communicate with the owners. The online representatives are polite and respond to all questions.

Its modified plans fit the customer’s needs and deliver the best results. The business comprises a fleet of several equipped vehicles. 

Its team approaches the clients within 20 minutes of the appointment. Consistent performance and continuous connection with clients make the service dependable.

Moreover, it can charge about $84 for three-month facilities. 

Sniff K9s

It has been facilitating fast ant removal for the last 14 years. Online reservations are available, which makes the schedules quick. 

Up-to-date strategies, various programs, and individual safety are its goals. The flexible work duration of the company is from 7 am to 8 pm on all weekdays.

Sniff K9s is licensed with a national management program and verified regulations. The committed team has coordination and responsibility for challenging bug management.

It has served thousands of people in the local area. Knowledgeable and efficient workers are convenient for homeowners.

The procedures comprise non-toxic chemicals which have no harmful effects. Moreover, the high-quality approved solutions are non-odorous and keep the environment pleasant. 

These products are non-hazardous and prevent breathing problems. The business works 365 days a year to ensure people’s protection against insects. 

Its insect removal packages have a cost of $500 for two plans.

Lawn Doctor of Boston

Call this reliable service for pavement Ant removal from home gardens, lawns, and yards. Experts respond quickly to emergencies and remove spiders, ladybugs, and insects from these gardens.

The higher quality strategies increase the safety of people and encourage environmental protection. Designed methods are verified and keep the homes insect free for several months.

Its under-training technicians inspect areas and find the insects. The team kills them and removes them from the enclosed parts.

Its goals are permanent insect management and resistance from further invasions. Methods are proven, and the staff is hygienic and inspected.

Its moral codes and values are high, and the team has dignity for all clients. A safety barrier establishment in the entry areas is a selective method. 

Additional help and methods have no extra charges. The Professional team of the entity can remove various insects, and service charges are according to the national listing.

Experts can charge about $176 for two visits. Reserve schedules according to your convenience from 9 am to 5 pm per week. 

Page Exterminating Services

It has 40 years of experience in ant removal through versatile strategies, technological equipment, and high-standard sprays. Customers have positive remarks about its dependable facilities. 

The compassionate team follows the standard guidelines. It is a local and privately operated business. The versatility of strategies and altered procedures make it the first choice of thousands of clients. 

Their ant control services are unique, and the team resists invasive insects through verified sprays. The service providers offer various facilities from 8:30 am to 5 pm. 

Technicians are polite and well-behaved. The experts use borax methods to remove several pests and bugs. 

Experts have sufficient training and skills to perform these treatments. The estimated charges for two visits are $600, which varies according to the insects and floor area.

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