How Much Does an Exterminator Cost For Ants?

Ant exterminators are skillful professionals that can efficiently deal with pest populations without any safety hazards at a reasonable price.

How Much Does an Exterminator Cost For Ants? The exterminator cost for ants is between $70 and $500, while the average service cost is around $150 to $200 for one treatment. This price increases for multiple treatments and deadly ants species. It also depends on the ant control method and the location or size of the infestation.

It is better to plan and put some money aside while making a budget if you suffer from ants infestation each year, as you have to hire exterminators to control the pest population.

What is the average cost of an ant exterminator?

The cost of ant exterminators varies greatly as every ant control company provides different services at different times of the year.

You cannot expect to pay the same cost in summer and winter because their charges slightly increase in the warm weather and spring when these insects heavily infest homes.

The cost of ant exterminators ranges between $70 and $500 for one treatment depending on the size and type of infestation. However, the pricing can increase up to $1500 in some cases.

However, the average cost of this ant-killing treatment is usually around $150 to $200, but it can increase if you live at a distance of several miles.

They add the cost of transportation, follow-up visits, and the extra number of treatments separately. You have to pay an additional amount to inspect or identify ants species at home.

Some people try to reduce the cost of hiring professional exterminators and look for natural ways to control the ants’ population, but their efforts sometimes get wasted.

Furthermore, it is better to spend some money and hire these experts instead of dealing with toxic chemicals, particularly if you are an amateur in dealing with pest populations.

Types of ants exterminators with their service cost and address

Ant exterminators Service Cost Headquarter Address
Orkin $250 to $1350 1400 Marietta, Blvd NW Atlanta
Terminix $200 to $1250 150 Peabody P1, Memphis
Western Exterminator $600 to $1200 (per year) 305 N Crescent Wa Anaheim, CA
Aptive Environmental $50 to $60 (per month) 5132 N 300th W Ste 150, Provo
Ronin pest control $12 to $15 (per hour) 7610 Beverly Blvd, LA
Rentokil companies $500 to $1200 (per year) 1125 Berkshire Blvd, Reading, PA
Homeshield pest control $100 to $120 (per visit) 5708 Lonetree Blvd Rocklin
Rose pest solution $200 to $250 (per visit) 1809 W North Ave
Absolute best pest control $18 to $22 (per month) 5845 Steeplechase Blvd Georgia
Pointe pest control $60 to $75 (per visit) 205 E Butterfield Rd, IL
Economy pest control $50 to $80 (per visit) 721 Bestgate Rd Annapolis, MD

What factors affect the cost of an ant exterminator?

A few factors directly affect the service costs of an ant exterminator, as it varies for different ant control companies and their locations.

Moreover, the size of the home and the method employed for killing these insects also matter, as every species needs a different treatment.

Location of infestation

The house location determines the actual service cost of the extermination because the companies have varying rates in different places in America.

This difference is due to customer demand, as some areas have a higher infestation and more demand. Some states have humid and mild climates, providing suitable environments for ants.

However, the cost of living and competition among different companies also influence the pricing of services, as the best service provider usually charges higher.

The distance of your home from the company affects the overall price, as you have to pay more if your house is several miles away.

Type of ants

The species or type of ants also creates the difference in the pricing of exterminating services because some species are stubborn that do not leave the spot quickly.

Some insects have less tolerance to toxic chemicals and die quickly, while their fellows leave the spot quickly after detecting a threat.

However, other annoying and stubborn species of this insect need more than one treatment to disappear from a house or garden.

In the same way, the carpenter and pharaoh ants are notorious and hide inside small spaces, and it becomes challenging to locate these insects before treatment.

Fire ants are deadly insects, and their extermination is usually costly due to the associated risks of bites and stings. You have to pay more if your house is infested with a poisonous species of insects.

Size of infestation

The size of the infestation contributes to the overall cost of ant control because it is easy to remove a small population of insects instead of the massive colonies of ants.

Argentine ants build supercolonies, and dealing with their massive colony is challenging. You have to pay higher if army ants infest your backyard, garden, and indoor areas.

Moreover, the carpenter ant colonies usually comprise around 2500 to 10,000 members, which seems a big number and requires effort to excavate the wooden logs.

In contrast, the pharaoh ant colonies comprise only a few thousand insects that are easy to locate and remove, requiring lesser extermination costs.

So, you can estimate the overall pricing of ant-killing practices by professionals by knowing the type of ants and their population size.

Method of extermination

The method of exterminator varies among different companies as a few involve inspection and treatment in their service collectively, while others charge separately for the inspection process.

Their service cost increases if you cannot tell them about the species type, as they have to identify the species and inspect the area before treatment.

In addition, the type of method used for killing insects varies according to the target population and size of the infestation, so their service charges also vary.

Sometimes, they use ant baits to control insects effectively, and the professionals place bait stations in infested areas of the house.

They also use insecticidal sprays, dust, or powders and build barriers for nuisance insects. The follow-up sprays also add to the final cost of the ant control service.

Exterminating Company

Every company offers different plans for customers according to their requirements, as they have yearly and quarterly goals with some additional follow-up treatments.

The service cost of every company depends on its identity and reputation among people because well-reputed companies usually charge more than others.

Moreover, Orkins and Terminix are expensive exterminating companies, charging almost $1350 and $1250 at maximum, but they ensure the permanent removal of the targeted insect population.

Number of treatments

Every species of ants require different treatments as a few larger populations infest multiple areas of the house and hide several feet under the ground.

Such infestations need more than one treatment for long-term removal after a specific interval. The exterminators schedule their visits to address the remaining insects in a population.

In addition, these visits can also help prevent future infestations and attacks of deadly insects on the property. So, choosing a service with follow-up visits is better if you can afford it.

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