Does First Saturday Lime Kill Ants?

First Saturday Lime is a popular insect repellent commonly used by many people to control the insect population at home. You can also consider it for dealing with ant infestation, as they are supposed to disappear quickly.

Does First Saturday Lime Kill Ants? First Saturday Lime does not kill ants but repels them efficiently because it contains hydrated lime or calcium hydroxide and citric acid as active ingredients. It works when you create a boundary of 3 to 4mm. Put this powder around the pet cage and food bowl to deter ants. This insect repellent usually requires another application after a month.

Ease of use and cost-effectiveness make it one of the favorite insect-repelling products. So, many people expect to get rid of the ant population by using it, but it is better not to expect more than a temporary solution to the ant problem as this product can only repel them.

Does First Saturday Lime work on ants?

First Saturday Lime (FSL) is an organic insect-repellent product that helps keep insects away from pets and their food prone to attack by them.

Moreover, citric acid is an active ingredient in the product, while calcite is an inert ingredient in this insect-repellent product, constituting around 99.9% of the total composition.

One of its primary constituents is precipitated calcium carbonate, and citric acid improves its repelling potential. It works on ants effectively because calcium carbonate acts as a desiccant.

The FSL sucks moisture from their bodies and causes excessive drying of exoskeleton. It also enters their spiracles and clogs breathing pores, leading to breathing problems and death.

In addition, the odor of citric acid in the powder makes it an effective repellent for ants, as they cannot withstand citric odors and feel irritated.

Accordingly, they do not dare to move on the powder because their bodies get covered in this powder when they try to cross the boundary.

How do you use First Saturday Lime to repel ants?

Its repelling odor can deter ants immediately. Take a bag of First Saturday Lime and create a boundary line of almost 3 to 4mm by spreading the powder on the ground. A pack of 20 pounds is sufficient to cover an area of 2,000 square meters.

Spread it around the perimeter of the garden and buildings to repel these nuisance pests. It is better to spread this repellent after a few days of rain for better results.

You can create a boundary line around the chicken coop, as my neighbor used it to deal with tiny ants frequently visiting the coop for food and moisture.

In the same way, it can be used to get rid of ants from horse stalls, water troughs, feed barns, garden beds, and other infested areas outdoors by creating a boundary line.

A few weeks before, I dusted plant leaves with this powder in my garden, infested with tiny black ants. It helped a lot as most of their trails disappeared in a short time.

However, it is essential to avoid the dusting of powder close to the buds and flower petals because pollinating insects approach these regions.

There is a risk of death in pollinating insects after exposure to this precipitated calcium carbonate powder, which is not suitable for plants, so it is better to avoid dusting these regions.

In addition, it is ideal to rinse the plants after 2 to 3 hours of adding this powder.

How much time does First Saturday Lime take to repel ants?

It is a monthly insect repellent that can help remove ants by its citric odor. They quickly change their direction of movement after reaching the boundary line and move away.

The time taken by First Saturday Lime to repel ants depends on the environmental conditions, as its effectiveness reduces during rain. It works in dry weather conditions and keeps them at bay.

Moreover, it can help keep them away for almost 25 to 30 days as their odor and repelling potential decreases afterward. You have to sprinkle the powder again after completion of this duration.

This re-spreading helps maintain a consistent repelling force against ants and protects the area from infestation risks.

Is it safe to use First Saturday Lime to get rid of ants?

First Saturday Lime is an environment-friendly product that causes no environmental damage. It is safe to use around pets and animals.

This way, you can control ants in an eco-friendly manner without posing any safety risks to pets and children. It does not cause irritation to the chicken when you spread it in their coop.

Moreover, it causes no toxicity in their bodies, even if they accidentally consume the powder. It is a non-flammable product so that you can use it without issues.

It does not lose its repelling potential after wetting and regains the repelling potential when it gets dried. It is also safe for animal bedding, lawns, garden floors, and plants.

Furthermore, you can sprinkle the powder on lawns if pet urine smells attractive to ants, as it can help remove the scent. It does not pose any harm to pets moving on the lawn.

What do people say about it?

I surveyed 1174 people to know about the killing potential of First Saturday Lime for ants because it can help control many other insect populations at home.

Out of 1176 people, 834 people (71%) said it does not kill them but helps remove them from the infested spot as they do not like the citric odor.

In contrast, 283 people (24%) said they found no ants after creating a boundary with this powder, so they think it can help to get rid of these insects.

However, the remaining 59 people (5%) said they never used this product to deal with an ant infestation, but it helps remove ticks and aphids.

You have to recreate the boundary line after a month because its ingredients lose the potential to deter ants after 25 to 30 days.

“I used this product twice and found it suitable because ants quickly disappeared from the spot.”

It is better to call an exterminator for a permanent solution to an ant problem because these insect-repelling powders can temporarily solve it.

“I will never suggest you rely on First Saturday Lime, as it provides a short-term solution only.”

It provides an instant solution to the ant problem when you want to protect the pet food or other water sources from infestation.

“My friend told me about the ant-repelling potential of this powdery material, so I used it last week and got satisfactory results.”

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