Does Ortho Home Defense Kill Ants?

Many people do not feel comfortable using insecticidal products for ants on the property due to the presence of harmful substances in them. Ortho Home Defense is one of the most popular insecticidal products. It is convenient to use and provides long-term protection.

Does Ortho Home Defense Kill Ants? Ortho Home Defense can kill ants because this insecticidal spray contains bifenthrin and zeta-cypermethrin. After direct exposure, it causes problems in the functioning of the nervous system, resulting in their death. It removes ants within a few minutes of contact and wipes out their colonies in a few days.

It is an effective solution to your ant problem because it is a suitable product for dealing with outdoor species and removes the indoor ones hidden under rugs and carpets. It poses no safety risk and kills these nuisance pests quickly without leaving any harmful fumes and tough stains on the surface.

Why does Ortho Home Defense kill ants?

Ortho Home Defense is an insecticidal spray commonly used to kill household insects, including spiders, termites, crickets, roaches, fleas, mosquitoes, and ants.

It can help kill the toughest pests from home due to the presence of two active ingredients, bifenthrin, and zeta-cypermethrin, while other inert ingredients are present.

It contains toxic ingredients, like bifenthrin, a pyrethroid insecticide that constitutes only 0.0500% of the total product.

It interferes with the sodium channel in nerve cells and causes problems in the functioning of the nervous system. Deltamethrin and Permethrin are also present in this insecticidal spray.

In addition, zeta-cypermethrin, which is highly toxic for ants and constitutes around 0.0125% of the product, is also present in this insecticidal spray.

It seems to be a smaller quantity, but it is enough to knock these nuisance insects down after contact with their bodies and ingesting the toxic chemical.

So, they cannot survive after direct contact with these deadly chemicals, responsible for paralysis and death after a few minutes of exposure.

How do you use Ortho Home Defense to kill ants?

It is convenient to use Ortho Home Defense to get rid of ants in outdoor areas, like patios, decks, and garages, and their colonies in the garden.

You can easily apply the product as manufacturers provide a Comfort Wand to make the application process easier for people. Start by preparing the Comfort Wand by removing the strip.

It leads to the activation of batteries when you take the wand from the holster and remove the strip. Keep unfolding the Comfort Wand until you hear a clicking sound from it.

Adjust the hose connecter into the spout of the cap present on the bottle and twist the knob in the direction of ‘ON’ mode. Slightly shake the bottle and turn the nozzle before spraying.

After that, you have to press the trigger button to start spraying. Maintaining distance from the targeted spot is essential for better application, so keep the nozzle 12 inches away.

Spray the toxic chemicals and make a boundary line of a width of 4 to 12 inches, depending on the location and size of the infestation. It should be thin when sprayed indoors but can be increased outdoors.

Turn off the nozzle when you have covered the entire surface area and lock the trigger. It is good to fold the Comfort Wand and put it back into the holster.

How fast does Ortho Home Defense work?

Ortho Home Defense works fast, instantly removing ants from the home. You can remove these annoying creatures within a few minutes of locating and spraying their trails.

The time it takes for killing depends on the amount of spraying material and the size of the infestation. Bigger mounds and colonies take more time than smaller ones and require more product.

Moreover, one of my friends uses it three times a year to control ants in the yard. One bottle is sufficient to treat an area of 5300 square feet and keep them away for a long time.

It provides long-term protection of 3 to 4 months, so you do not have to spend money or time re-spraying the product after a few days or weeks.

Can I spray Ortho Home Defense in my room to kill ants?

Ortho Home Defense is generally a safe product to use inside the home because it causes no problems for pets and people when you use it correctly.

You can use it any time and at any place, but it is better to adjust the timing according to the type of ants and spray the chemicals when they are highly active.

It can be used inside the kitchen and bathroom, but it is better to cover the food items, cosmetic products, and towels before spraying it.

I used it to remove ants from my bathroom sink, and that worked great.

Moreover, it leaves no fumes and dries quickly so that you do not have to stay out of your room for several hours, which is a common problem after fumigation.

One of my friends used it on the floor covering and found it effective, so you can also use it on carpets, wooden floors, and rugs as it leaves no stains on the surface.

What do people say about it?

I surveyed 1158 people to know whether Ortho Home Defense kills ants and removes their nests from the property and garden.

Out of 1158 people, 846 people (73%) said it is one of the best products available for removal of ants from the house because it contains harmful substances.

However, 243 people (21%) said they did not find it effective at killing ants.

The remaining 69 people (6%) said they had not used this product to deal with ant problems but had heard about its killing potential from fellows and neighbors.

It is pretty easy to apply the Ortho Home Defense as it has Comfort Wand and knob for spraying.

“I find it an easy-to-use and highly effective product that can help remove ants from the infested spot in only a few days.”

Many of their species are prone to death when exposed to its harmful substances, but a few of them survive that live in deeper tunnels of their nests.

“I used it to treat fire ant mounds in my garden, but found them on plants again after 3 days.”

You can use it to treat the infestation of ants indoors and outdoors, but read the instructions when using indoors. It can help get rid of the nuisance pests in only a few days of application.

“I found no ants after 5 days of application, so I am satisfied with its ant-killing efficiency because it worked for me.”

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