Does HIT Chalk Kill Ants?

Many people know about the effectiveness of Chalk as an ant repellent and use them to remove these annoying creatures from their property. HIT Chalk mimics the effect of natural Chalk, but this synthetic product is different in composition.

Does HIT Chalk Kill Ants? HIT Chalk can kill ants because it contains cypermethrin, which interferes with the functioning of ion channels, alters NA ion permeability and leads to their death. Moreover, ants avoid crossing the chalk barrier and stay away from it after detecting the line. It takes around 24 hours to kill or repel them, and its effect remains on the surface for 2 to 3 months.

You can control many indoor and outdoor ants with this product because it is lethal for these tiny insects. They do not dare to cross the boundary line as their bodies get covered in this toxic substance, leading to death.

Can HIT Chalk be used for ants?

HIT Chalk is a popular insecticidal product commonly used to get rid of troublesome pests, including roaches, ants, and many other crawling insects.

It contains insecticidal compounds that make it lethal for ants and help control their population. Its active ingredient is cypermethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid present in household ant killers.

Cypermethrin is a broad-spectrum insecticide or a neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system of ants and other household pests.

This toxic compound changes membrane potential and interferes with the ion channel functioning by altering the permeability of sodium ions.

They get paralyzed after a few hours of contact with the line and die after some time because they cannot perform their function after paralysis.

So, direct contact with the HIT Chalk is deadly for them as cypermethrin is known for its lethal effect on insects when they are directly exposed to it.

It is available as a stick, so you cannot cover their trails with this toxic substance. Draw a line close to their trails or make a boundary around their indoor nests on walls or floors.

How do you use HIT Chalk to kill ants?

Remove the covering on the HIT Chalk from one end, while the remaining part should remain in the cover.

Identify the location of trails and hotspots in your home that are prone to attack. Draw a thick line with it that acts as a strong barrier for these tiny insects.

You can also draw a line parallel to the trail or create a boundary at places that allow ants to enter the property.

A few highly infested spots inside the home are the kitchen sink, dustbin, and storage cabinets that store food or clothes. Accordingly, draw a boundary line close to the storage cabinets and sinks.

It is better to draw one thick line, but I prefer to draw at least 3 lines that ensure long-term protection against these nuisance pests, as one thick line did not work for me.

You can apply the Chalk material around the sink at night when there is no household activity around it, like dishwashing, because water drops reduce its effectiveness. Make a boundary around the sinkhole to avoid their entries.

In the same way, trash bins are a favorite spot for them, so you can secure them by making a boundary with this as it helps avoid the ants’ attack.

One of my friends got rid of the tiny pharaoh ants around the gas cylinder that was dirty and attracted them. Keeping things clean and creating a barrier for effective results is essential.

How long does HIT Chalk take to kill ants?

HIT Chalk contains toxic compounds that can cause toxicity and kill ants in a day at maximum, depending on their resistance to these harmful ingredients.

It only kills them by contact as harmful chemicals touch their body, penetrate deep into their bodies, and interfere with their internal mechanisms.

However, it provides long-term protection against them if there is less foot traffic in the area. It lasts long indoors because it disappears quickly after exposure to air elements.

Generally, there is no need to re-apply it for 2 to 3 months as its killing effect and repelling potential lasts for several days.

Frequent application is required when there is increased food traffic on the floor. Environmental factors and species of ants also determine the time required to kill them.

Is it safe to use HIT Chalk to kill ants?

HIT Chalk is generally considered safe for humans when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the label, but there is a risk of toxicity when ingested by pet animals and children.

It contains cypermethrin, which is a human carcinogen and causes lung cancer in animals. So, it is better to be careful and avoid direct contact with this insecticidal product.

You should read the safety guidelines by the manufacturer to avoid the undesired consequences. Wear gloves while removing the covering on the Chalk and using it on the floor.

However, it only causes problems after accidental ingestion; otherwise, it gets slowly absorbed into the skin. A short-term exposure does not cause enough harm to humans until it is ingested.

You should visit a doctor after an accidental ingestion if you feel discomfort and drowsiness. It is good to wash your hands after drawing a barrier line for ants to remove the residues on your hand.

Furthermore, keep it away from pets and children to avoid exposure, as they can accidentally consume it. Do not use it on the kitchen countertop or other surfaces with food items.

What do people say about it?

I surveyed 1249 people to know whether HIT Chalk kills or repels ants if directly exposed to their trails. Most of the population gave positive reviews about this insecticidal product.

Out of 1249 people, 926 people (74%) said it removes ants and other tiny insects from the house due to its active ingredient’s broad spectrum of action.

However, 277 people (22%) found it ineffective against the infestation as they did not die after crossing the chalk line and survived for many days.

The remaining 46 people (4%) said that they had not used HIT Chalk for ant removal.

You can remove various species of ants from the house by creating a boundary line around the hotspots that provide a route of entry to them.

“Last month ago, I used HIT Chalk to get rid of crazy ants.”

It is a quick solution to your problem, requiring less effort and money; that’s why many people prefer to use it to solve the problem of household pests.

“One of my friends told me about this product when I discussed the infestation at home.”

It is essential to make a thick boundary line or draw 2 to 3 lines to stop them, as a thin line cannot stop them for long.

“I drew a boundary line around the garbage can to avoid their entry, but still, they found a way to get inside the bin.”

It can help deter pavement ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, and even moisture-loving ants frequently visiting kitchen sinks.

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