Does Glen 20 Kill Ants?

Glen 20 offers an advantage over other insecticidal sprays due to its safety for indoor use. You can get rid of various ant species by targeting their tiny bodies and drowning their trails directly.

Does Glen 20 Kill Ants? You can use Glen 20 to kill ants because it contains ethanol as an active ingredient and constitutes around 60% of the total composition. Spray it directly on their trails to drown them, while its fresh and strong odor repels them for almost 24 hours.

You do not have to be an expert ant killer to treat these tiny insects with the Glen 20 because this aerosol spray is an easy-to-use product. It is one of the easy methods to make your home ant-free without any stains and bad odors that are common problems with insecticides.

Does Glen 20 remove ants?

It is a disinfectant spray that is commonly used to kill germs and clean hard and soft surfaces by exposing them to this chemical spray.

It contains around 60% ethanol that helps kill tiny microorganisms and germs and remove foul odors when spraying chemicals in the air.

Ethanol is deadly for ants, dehydrating their bodies by extracting moisture from exoskeletons and burning their tiny muscular bodies.

Rubbing alcohol contains 70% ethanol, which is deadly for ants, so this Glen 20 also poses a survival risk because it also includes 60% ethanol content.

It dissolves their exoskeleton by burning the thick chitin layer, which leads to death. In addition, it smells like a lavender that leaves a fresh and pleasing odor in the environment.

Its odor is soothing for humans but irritates the smell receptors of ants that cannot tolerate strong scents. Their pheromone trails get disturbed due to powerful aromas as they rely on chemical cues.

So, it can help remove ants by killing and repelling them when directly sprayed on their trails or due to its lavender odor that is not pleasant for these insects.

Furthermore, you can remove tiny sugar ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, crazy ants, and many species of these insects usually found on kitchen countertops and bathroom fixtures.

How do you use Glen 20 to kill ants?

Glen 20 is available in a spraying bottle, making it easier for people to cover the ants’ bodies. It can be sprayed on the bedsheets if they are on the dirty sheets of the bed.

Food or blood stains and juicy spills can attract them to bedsheets, so you can kill them by spraying this disinfecting spray directly on them.

In addition, you can use it on more than 100 types of surfaces, including hard and soft, as it does not leave any stains on the fabric and removes ants.

Shake the spray can well before drowning them in this aerosol spray and cover their bodies with ethanol that poses survival risks to them. Spray on ants from a distance of at least 12 to 15cm.

They cannot avoid the odor of lavender after drowning and find it difficult to determine their direction of movement. It can also be used to remove trails from doorknobs and kitchen countertops.

In the same way, it can effectively remove their trails from bathroom fixtures and sinks that are favorite spots of moisture-loving ants.

How fast does Glen 20 kill ants?

It is designed to deal with microorganisms and kill them rapidly after contact, but many people use it for controlling ant infestation at home.

It can quickly kill ants but it depends on the number of insects in a trail or colony that are targeted, as a long trail takes more time and chemical exposure.

Accordingly, you have to spray every individual ant to drown them in a refreshing odor of lavender and ethanol. Direct exposure leads to quick death as they cannot damage caused by ethanol.

Pure ethanol takes only a few minutes to kill them, but this disinfectant contains 60% ethanol. It can also kill them quickly, but wiping out their colonies takes a little more time.

Moreover, some tiny species, like ghosts and pharaoh ants, die instantly, while black carpenter ants are bigger and take comparatively more time to die.

Furthermore, its repelling effect remains for almost 24 hours and protects the sprayed area from ants’ attack, but you have to re-spray the next day.

Is it safe to use Glen 20 to kill ants?

It is essential to read the label on Glen 20 and follow the usage instructions to avoid undesired situations that can occur when you start spraying without safety precautions.

Avoid inhaling spray molecules by wearing a mask on your face while spraying it in the room or other areas of the house. Protect your eyes by wearing glasses, as ethanol is not suitable for eyes.

Store it in a safe place to avoid accidental contact with children. It is generally safe to use indoors and cause no health problems in pets and children.

However, you should know it is flammable, so keep it away from flames and other ignition sources to avoid safety risks. Avoid using it on the skin, as it can be sensitive to the skin.

It is not ideal to rely on a disinfectant for pest control, but it can serve as an ant killer in an hour of need when you do not have any other option.

What do people say about it?

I surveyed 872 people to know whether Glen 20 kills ants or helps remove their colonies from the house.

Out of 872 people, 628 people (72%) said it could help control the population of ants because ethanol dehydrates their bodies and leads to death.

However, 209 people (24%) said it is not an effective ant killer and kills a few of them by direct exposure to their bodies, but it is a disinfectant that kills microorganisms and germs.

The remaining 35 people (4%) said they had no idea about the killing impact of Glen 20 because they had never used this product to control these insects.

“A few days ago, I used Glen 20 to kill tiny pharaoh ants present in my kitchen and found it effective when drowned their trails in it.”

You can use this microbes-killing spray to control many indoor ant species due to the presence of ethanol.

“One of my friends told me about the efficiency of this disinfectant, so I used this product to control banded sugar ants and found it suitable.”

You can use it to instantly remove ants from the house because its odor repels them.

“It is only a good repellent for ants but keeps them away for only a day.”

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