Does GrubEx Kill Ants?

Many people prefer to use readily available products to control the population of ants in their homes as it makes the method cost-effective and feasible. Accordingly, GrubEx helps deal with nuisance insects and tiny grubs due to the insecticidal properties of its active ingredient.

Does GrubEx Kill Ants? GrubEx does not kill ants because it contains 0.08% chlorantraniliprole, which is not lethal for ants. However, it repels them due to its citronella oil-like odor that interferes with their pheromone trails and disrupts communication. Accordingly, it can help keep ants away for almost 3 to 4 months.

Accordingly, it can temporarily keep ants away from the spot, but you should look for a product containing trichlorfon that kills ants quickly.

Can you use GrubEx to kill ants?

It is one of the popular granular insecticides used to kill tiny larvae of beetles and other creatures, like cutworms, weevils, caterpillars, crane fly larvae, etc.

Its chemical composition makes it an effective insecticide for grubs and many pests known to infest lawns and cause damage.

Its active ingredient is chlorantraniliprole (0.08%), which is present in only smaller concentrations. This active ingredient kills grubs but has no activity against ants.

Moreover, its active ingredient is a human-made insecticide that is only good at killing larvae of beetles and butterfly caterpillars.

However, GrubEx is an effective ant repellent due to its powerful scent that smells like citronella oil. This odor stops ants from crossing the barrier and stays away.

They feel confused and disoriented after reaching these granules because the scent of the pheromone trail begins to disappear due to the strong odor of these granules.

Accordingly, they quickly leave the spot after detecting the presence of these granules on the lawn and other outdoor areas because they build underground nests in the soil.

How do you use GrubEx to remove ants?

It is a granular insecticide that is easy to spread on lawn surfaces and ground because it is a ready-to-spread product. Use a rotary spreader to distribute the granules on the surface evenly.

Even spreading is essential for better results, so you should use a rotary spreader instead of hand spreading. One bag of GrubEx contains 14.35 pounds, which is enough to cover 5000 square feet.

Cover the infested area and make a boundary around their mounds to keep them away. Add some water to the granules to activate the active ingredient in this insecticidal product.

Read the product label to avoid undesired situations and apply the product at times when it works efficiently. Avoid using it in winter and rainy seasons, as it works well in dry and warm weather.

Accordingly, you should spread it in spring when ants come out of their mounds and underground nests after a long hibernation period.

Moreover, the problem of ant infestation in lawns and grasses usually arises in the spring and early summer, so you can get rid of these nuisance insects by spreading this product.

Overwatering can affect its efficiency, so keeping the water level around 1 inch is enough to activate the ingredients and create a repelling force for them.

How long does GrubEx keep ants away?

It can keep ants away from lawns and protect plants from infestation when you spread these granules on the surface and activate them.

This product is known to kill grubs within 20 to 24 hours of applying it by causing damage to their exoskeleton, but it is not damaging for ants after direct exposure.

This granular insecticide can keep them away for 3 to 4 months, as mentioned on the product label by manufacturers. Its odor and residues remain on the surface for several weeks and repel them.

So, you can get rid of these annoying creatures by spreading GrubEx once every 4 months and re-spreading the granules to maintain a constant repelling force.

However, it is better to look for a suitable ant killer to kill their colonies and remove them from the lawn permanently, as this grub killer is a temporary solution.

Can you use GrubEx to repel ants in the house?

GrubEx is toxic for grubs and a few other insects that are usually present in the lawn soil or other outdoor areas. This granular insecticide is suitable for outdoor use and treating lawns.

It causes no problems for pets and people, which indicates that you can use it around children and pet animals without any worries about safety.

However, it is better to avoid using it inside the home because manufacturers have mentioned that this product is suitable for lawns, garden soil, and other outdoor areas.

Additionally, some insects like bees and even earthworms are not affected by exposure to GrubEx granules because it is usually designed to target grubs and a few ant species.

In the same way, it causes no damage to plants when you leave the granules on the plant’s surface to get rid of the ant infestation on plants.

One of my friends uses it to remove the ant colonies from golf courses, which helps prevent bites and stings from these stinging insects.

What do people say about it?

I surveyed 947 people to know whether GrubEx kills ants or helps remove their population from lawns and other outdoor areas.

Out of 947 people, 625 people (66%) said it does not kill ants because it is manufactured to deal with grubs, particularly white grubs or beetle larvae.

However, 294 people (31%) said they found a reduction in the number of ants after using this granular insecticide to deal with grubs because its odor repels them.

The remaining 28 people (3%) said they use other grub-killing products and never tried to remove ants with GrubEx, so they have no idea about it.

Some people get dual benefits by using this product as its repelling odor helps a few insect species that rely on pheromones to communicate with each other.

“I used GrubEx in my lawn to remove the grubs from the soil, but it also helped remove black garden ant colonies present there.”

It can temporarily solve your ant problem because they leave the treated spot and look for other spots to make their nests, so look for a permanent killing method.

“Last week, I tried to get rid of tiny ants from my lawn using GrubEx as it was the only insecticide available at that time. It helped remove their nests from the lawn in a short time,”

It is better to use this when there is no other option available but to call exterminators to control the infestation rate at your property.

“One of my friends used this GrubEx and told me about its efficacy, but I found that its application allows quick and short-term ant removal.”

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