Is Bioadvanced Fire Ant Killer Good?

Many people are looking for a potential ant killer to get rid of nuisance pests from home or outdoors because these ants can cause harm to property and lawns.

Is Bioadvanced Fire Ant Killer Good? BioAdvanced fire ant killer is good due to its broad range of action, easier application, better coverage areas, fast action, no bad odor, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, it helps prevent new mounds, kills entire ant colonies, and remains suitable for all seasons.

However, people have different experiences with this product as many are happy and satisfied with the results while a few consider it over-rated for some drawbacks.

Why is BioAdvanced fire ant killer good?

BioAdvanced fire ant killer is an inexpensive product with no bad odor, making it an effective product to deal with pests without posing a burden on your pocket.

Broad range of killing pests

It can kill a broad range of lawn and home-invading pests that commonly make their way through outdoor areas, like ants, particularly mentioned on its label.

In addition, almost 400 to 500 types of insects are prone to this lethal formulation, including fire, pavement, and harvester ants.

It is also toxic for some biting insects, like ticks and fleas, that are economically damaging to crops. Home-invading insects, like roaches or crickets, can also die after ingestion or direct contact.

Fast acting formula

It is a fast-acting formula that can help get rid of most lawn and home pests within 24 hours of application. The insects ingest the dust particles, which can block sodium channels.

Moreover, it can also work without ingestion as this toxic dust can cause damage if the particles attach to their legs and antennae when these ants try to pass through them.

Direct contact leads to the adherence of particles on their body, which penetrate their exoskeleton and cause death within a day. Sometimes, it can take around 2 to 3 days for killing at maximum.

Kills entire colony

It targets entire colonies because the workers carry dust particles inside their nests and touch or feed their fellows by considering them nutritious particles.

This way, the toxic chemicals pass down to the colony within a day or two and lead to the death of all colony members. Moreover, it also helps prevent new mounds by targeting all members.

Accordingly, there are fewer chances for a queen to survive and make a new mound at a different place. They have to die if the dust formulation attaches to their bodies during the shifting process.

Easier application

It is a ready-to-use formula with a shaker-top applicator with tiny holes for dust sprinkling. You have to shake the bottle slightly by tilting it and spreading it on the surface area.

You can use it to deal with the increasing ants population during spring and summer. It is better to spread the dust when there is no possibility of rain in the next 24 hours.

Additionally, it gives long-lasting results and helps keep pests away from a particular spot for almost 2 to 3 months. I use this product for its ease of use, and it takes little time to spread.

Better coverage area

Its bottle contains almost 1 pound or 16 ounces of dust material. This quantity is sufficient to treat around 100 to 130 mounds, depending on their size.

Around one teaspoon of dust is enough to kill ants living in a mound, which is equal to almost 0.16 ounces. It means you can easily treat 100 mounds of larger size using one container.

How to use BioAdvanced fire ant killer?

BioAdvanced fire ant killer is suitable for outdoor applications, like flower beds and lawns, because its active ingredient is toxic to humans.

Clean the surface area around ant mounds by removing debris, leaves, and other objects covering the mound. Shake the container for a few minutes and remove its cap that helps expose the shaker top.

After that, tilt the container to some degrees and shake it again to sprinkle the dust on the mound. Only 2 shakes are sufficient for smaller mounds that are equal to around 1 teaspoon of dust particles.

However, you can increase the number of shakes to 4 times if the mounds are larger and 4 shakes are equal to 2 teaspoons of dust particles.

You have to keep it at least 12 to 18 inches higher from the mound for better sprinkling. In addition, you can sprinkle 2 to 3 liters of water for better results, but it can also work without watering.

Moreover, it is better to keep the particles away from fruits and vegetable plants for at least 2.5 to 5 feet; otherwise, you have to wait for 10 to 12 months to consume the edibles.

What is the active ingredient in BioAdvanced fire ant killer?

BioAdvanced fire ant killer is a dust formulation containing chemicals from the class of pyrethroids, and its active ingredient is quite similar to pyrethrin.

Moreover, beta-cyfluthrin is an active ingredient in it with only 0.5% concentration. It is a toxic chemical that reacts after ingestion or contact.

The beta-cyfluthrin is an effective insecticide commonly used in different formulations to kill crop pests. It acts as a poison for the stomach and attacks the nervous system.

This ingredient stimulates the nervous system and blocks sodium channels after binding with nerve cells. In addition, muscle spasms are common when they ingest chemicals.

Furthermore, fire ants and other crop pests die after constant muscle spasms and overstimulation of the nervous system, and it takes almost 1 to 3 days at minimum to cause their death.

Is BioAdvanced fire ant killer safe to use?

BioAdvanced fire ant killer is safe if you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the directions provided on the label. It is better to avoid direct contact of formulation with the body.

Moreover, you have to keep pets away from the dust because it can cause harm to them in addition to insects.

Keep an eye on your pet when playing so that it does not reach areas with dust particles. The packaging label asks pet owners to stay away from a particular area until it dries.

Accordingly, there are lesser risks of contact with the formulation and ingestion of the particles when you do not allow your pets to reach those areas.

In addition, you should wear gloves while spreading dust outdoors, and using personal protective equipment is considered ideal as it reduces the risk of any incident.

Use masks to protect your face, avoid inhalation, and wear glasses to avoid eye contact. It is not highly toxic for humans but kills almost all types of invertebrates or insects.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 1248 people to know their opinions and reviews about BioAdvanced fire ant killer and its effectiveness in removing annoying insects.

Out of 1248 people, almost 910 people (73%) said it is great to use due to its cost-effectiveness and easier application method.

However, 225 people (18%) said it is not good at killing larger colonies as some ants keep appearing even after 2 to 3 days of application.

The remaining 113 people (9%) said it is a fast-acting solution that helps remove ants from a particular mound, but these insects only change location and make a new mound at some distance.

It is pretty challenging with fire ant mounds, but this ant killer gives amazing results and kills a maximum number of these insects quickly.

“I used it twice to deal with fire ants mound in my lawn, and it was incredible because there were no crawling insects the next day.”

It helps prevent new mounds, but sometimes rain and other external factors can support their relocation.

I had a bad experience with this ant killer because these insects shift to a new location when they detect this poisonous material around their old mounds.”

It is the best poison against fire ants and a few other species because it even works without ingestion of chemicals when their bodies touch the chemical.

“I used this fire ant killer on mounds outdoors and got rid of these nuisance pests quickly.”

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