Is EcoVenger Ant Killer Good?

EcoVenger ant killer is an aerosol spray containing insecticidal chemicals to get rid of ants and other household pests like roaches, crickets, etc. It was formerly known as EcoRaider, and the use of the word ‘Eco’ in the product name indicates that it is an environment-friendly product.

Is EcoVenger Ant Killer Good? EcoVenger ant killer is good because it kills ants instantly within 1 to 2 minutes and leaves no stains on the applied area. Moreover, it has a pleasant citric scent and seems suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is a non-toxic product that can efficiently repel and kill insects for 3 to 4 weeks.

It is a highly effective product for its quick-killing effect on insects that can help get rid of 100% of ants in gardens and buildings.

Why is EcoVenger ant killer good?

EcoVenger is an effective ant killer for an economical cost, as you can remove a large number of insects hidden in the corners or mounds with a spray bottle containing 16 ounces of solution.

Moreover, it has many other benefits, like it is an organic product that ensures environmental safety and other living organisms and gives quick results.

Instant killing of ants

It can kill ants after direct contact with their bodies because chemicals need access to their exoskeleton for penetration. These chemicals can kill insects within 1 to 2 minutes after contact.

Some stubborn species, like fire ants, can take almost 5 to 6 minutes due to thicker exoskeletons. However, the ultimate fate of these insects is death, whether they take a little bit more time or not.

It is also effective for a few other insects in the house, like fleas, spiders, crickets, earwigs, and millipedes. It helps get rid of common pests after contact with their bodies.

Suitable for all locations

It is suitable for use indoors because it leaves no stains on the walls and floor, and its strong citrus scent dissipates in a few hours.

It does not pose any safety issues for pets and children because these chemicals are not toxic for humans and only interfere with the receptors of insects.

Spray it around the possible entry points, like windows and spaces in walls, without creating any mess. Moreover, you can also use it outdoors to kill the nuisance pests immediately.

It is suitable for use in narrow spaces and areas around plumbing, appliances, and sinks. In addition, you can spray the solution behind cabinets and trash bins outdoors.

I used it to remove black carpenter ants hidden in my kitchen cabinet that were responsible for contaminating the food on the countertop.

In the same way, it can also target pests hidden in narrow gaps close to building foundations or within wall spaces. Apply it directly on the trails to drown them within the solution.


EcoVenger Ant Killer has dual functionality, which means it can repel insects away from your home due to its deterring odor and kill them by blocking their neuron receptors.

Its strong odor dominates the scent of its pheromone trails and causes confusion about the direction of movement. They cannot detect pheromone scents and move in other directions randomly.

This way, it breaks their foraging activities and stops them from coming inside the home. In addition, it can kill a large number of insects after coming in direct contact with their bodies.

Pleasant scent

It is one of the popular ant-killing solutions due to its pleasant scent, as typical insecticidal sprays have a bad odor. A combination of geraniol, cedar, and lemongrass oil gives a citrus odor to it.

Moreover, all of these essential oils obtained from aromatic plants give a pleasing aroma to the spray that dissipates quickly.

Its appealing odor and organic nature make it perfect for indoor use, and it kills only pests because the chemicals and scent only irritate the receptors of ants.

Non-toxic or organic product

It contains natural ingredients obtained from plants and labeled as bio-insecticide for its organic and non-toxic nature.

Its formulation does not contain toxic substances, like pyrethrum or pyrethroids, indicating that it is safe to use around humans and pets.

Moreover, this product is certified for its non-toxicity by the Environmental Protection Agency lab, and the active ingredients are considered safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

I like this product over other ant killers due to its eco-friendly nature because it is only toxic for these tiny insects causing a nuisance at home.

It does not cause any irritation or other related problems if inhaled accidentally or comes in contact with the eyes or mouth if used appropriately.

What are the ingredients in EcoVenger ant killer?

EcoVenger ant killer is an organic insecticidal product in an aqueous form prepared from aromatic plants by extracting their insecticidal compounds.

These natural compounds obtained from plants are active ingredients of this bio-insecticidal spray. Geraniol and lemongrass oils are usually present in rose, lavender, and lemongrass plants.

Geraniol and lemongrass are effective natural repellents and act as insecticides for some species of ants due to their irritating odors and insecticidal properties.

In addition, it contains cedar oil extracted from sawdust or woodchips of cedarwood trees. This cedar oil has insecticidal properties and kills insects by suffocating them.

Furthermore, it contains sodium lauryl sulfate, a toxic substance that causes dehydration in insects and extracts moisture from their bodies to make them die.

Some other inert ingredients are also present, including silica hydrate, glycerol mono-oleate, and water, in addition to the other four active ingredients.

How does EcoVenger ant killer work?

EcoVenger ant killer can effectively deal with a population of annoying ants living in the garden or indoors by targeting their bodies in a unique way.

It is even effective on all insects that can survive pesticide chemicals because its lethal chemical composition targets the nervous system and blocks their neuron receptors.

Moreover, it contains particles of a micro-scale size that can target neuron receptors efficiently after penetrating into the exoskeleton of insects.

It is lethal for invertebrates and causes paralysis of their body after attacking their specific neuron receptors. This paralysis is deadly for them, as it leads to the mortality of insects.

Furthermore, it can control the pest population in the sprayed area for almost 4 to 5 weeks, as its repelling smell and toxic residues remain on the ground.

One of my friends used it to deal with the population of tiny black ants in the wall crevices and found no ants for a month.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 1058 people to know their experiences and reviews on EcoVenger ant killer. Almost 783 people (74%) said it provides instant results and showed satisfaction with its broad range of action.

However, 232 people (22%) said they felt disappointed with its packaging and added that its sprayer does not work properly.

The remaining 43 people (4%) said it is a good ant killer due to its non-toxic and organic nature, but there are some leakage issues in the bottle.

It is a highly effective and quick-killing solution that can remove ants within a minute.

“It really worked when I used it to remove ants crawling over my pet’s food bowl.”

The spraying solution is effective at killing pests, but the packaging of the spray bottle is awful and needs replacement with another one.

“I used EcoVenger ant killer a few months ago to get rid of pavement ants, but its sprayer did not work properly, so I transferred it to another spray bottle.”

You can spray the solution into the room due to its organic nature, and it leaves no bad odor.

“I used this ant killer to remove sugar ants in my room and sprayed the solution in the room’s perimeter.”

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